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Hainan Provincial Museum, with Hainan Museum as its precursor, was founded in 1990 with the approval of Hainan Provincial People’s Government. In 1996, Hainan Provincial Institute of Culture Relics and Archeology was established, and the museum and the institute shared their offices. At that time, as Hainan Province was just set up, many things waited to be done and the government lacked sufficient funds. As a result, the museum under preparation failed to get constructed in a long period of time.

Hainan Provincial Museum, opened on November 15, 2008, is the only comprehensive modern museum of Hainan Province. Located at No. 68, Xingguo Road, Haikou City and to the east of Hainan Provincial Cultural Park, it is a key cultural infrastructure of Hainan Province. The museum covers an area of more than 60 mu with the first-stage project occuping an area of 18,000 square meters, which mainy includes exhibition halls, cultural relics storage, technical rooms, service facilities and office buildings. The second-stage project that is being planned has a construction area of 7,000 square meters, and relies on protection and restoration of the “Huaguangjiao I” shipwreck and about 10,000 pieces of porcelain to exhibit cultural relics and specimens concerning the history of the South China Sea, the Silk Road on the sea, geopolitics, marine organisms and mineral resources.

The museum has four basic exhibition series: “Exhibition of Collected Cultural Relics”, "Exhibition of History of Hainan”, "Exhibition of Minority Nationalities in Hainan” and “Exhibition of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Hainan”, which comprehensively display the history of Hainan, culture of national minorities in Hainan, intangible cultural heritage in Hainan and cultural relics. Currently, the museum possesses more than 20,000 collection items. In the museum, through the rich cultural relics, vivid settings as well as multimedia, visitors could understand and experience the unique historical inheritance and cultural atmosphere of Hainan in an all-around, multi-layer and personal manner.

The museum has held about 20 thematic exhibitions, such as “Two Decades’ Development (Exhibition on Hainan’s Achievements in Building the Province and the Special Economic Zone in the Past Two Decades)”, "Charm of Masters in Literature of the 20th Century”, "Exhibition of Masterpieces of Asian Museum of Watercolor Art”, “National Treasure Exhibition”, “Exhibition of High and New Tech of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Tsinghua University”, and received more than 800,000 visitors. In particular, it has succeeded in receiving Comrade Hu Jintao, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, President and Chairman of the Military Commission of the Central Committee of the CPC, Comrade Li Keqiang, Member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee, as well as other leaders of the central authorities, and 130 significant foreign guests from twelve countries and regions. The museum has been well received by all circles of society, become beautiful scenery of the provincial capital city Haikou and even the whole province and attracted many tourists from both home and abroad, doing its special contributions to building of the international tourism island.

In recent years, leading professionals of various departments of our museum have conducted a lot of systematic research on the antiquary resources of the province and made rather fruitful academic achievements:

Hainan History and Culture: Relics and Museology Volume with the museum curator Comrade Qiu Gang as the editor-in-chief was officially published in April 2008, which pooled together famous:

Hainan History and Culture: Relics and Museology Volume with the museum curator Comrade Qiu Gang as the editor-in-chief was officially published in April 2008, which pooled together famous university professors, relics and museology researchers and many leading professionals of our museum and unfolded before readers Hainan ancient sites, Hainan ancient architecture, Hainan ancient tombs, Hainan ancient cerami, Hainan ancient villages as well as other fields of cultural relics and archeology. Moreover, our museum also plans to compile and publish Chinese Cultural Relics Atlas: Hainan Fascicule and Report on General Survey of Cultural Relics on the Xisha Islands, monographs such as Sanya Luobidong, Research on Ancient Painting and Calligraphy Imitation. Additionally, our museum has also participated in compilation of Traditional Culture of China’s Li Minority, Li Minority of China, Hainan Ethnic Customs, Traditional Brocade of Li Minority, etc. and published dozens of archeological excavation reports, papers and articles on research of traditional culture of Li minority. These academic activities have made contributions to research of the history, cultural relics and national minorities of Hainan Province and to promotion of excellent culture of the Chinese nation.

Construction and opening of Hainan Provincial Museum not only serves an important social civilization symbol of our province but also has significant meanings for building the international tourism island and promoting development of the cultural tourism industry of our province. Furthermore, it will play an active role in fully pushing forward the political, economic and cultural development of our province.


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