Beishan Village 北山村

Beishan Village features a slow-paced country lifestyle with Li ethnic characteristics.

Here, you can observe rural farmers’ daily lives, enjoy various tropical plants, fish at the lakeside, and eat fresh vegetables and fruits.

The village provides an ideal escape from the bustling city, helping visitors relax and refresh. Villagers here are very enthusiastic and friendly.

Qingtang Village 青塘村

Located in south-central Haitang District, Qingtang Village is the first family-oriented village on Hainan Island.

The village features a wide range of entertainment options designed for children. The village’s entertainment facilities include an animal farm, a fruit-picking garden, a handicrafts workshop, and an adventure-based playground for kids.

Qingtang Village is the perfect place to get some fresh air and gaze out over the beautiful landscape. The village has been described as a “must-see family getaway”  in Haitang Bay.

Haitang Bay Rice Paddy Park 海棠湾水稻公园

Haitang Bay Rice Paddy National Park, a new large-scale tourist attraction in Haitang Bay, features a fruit picking garden and 470,000 square meters of colorful flowerbeds featuring a variety of species including sunflowers, cosmos bipinnatus, sulfur cosmos, and many others.