With its clear beaches, sprawling resorts and designer golf courses, Sanya has long been considered a playground for holidaymakers home and abroad. But there is much more to it than them.


Like any holiday town, Sanya has a vibrant and varied nightlife scene. Visitors to the city can be sure to find a mix of bars, clubs, live music and cultural shows. Shoppers looking for locally produced items should check out the local specialty markets, offering from tropical fruits and delicious seafood. Regardless of whether you want to get more history of the city or try some of the impressive local snacks, you’ll find it all in our guide to Sanya.


Learn some history at Sanya Romance Park


Sanya Romance Park, with a Disneyfied recreation of an ancient Sanya, has become a must-go place on the itinerary of travelers to spend the night time with friends and families in Sanya, thanks to its world-class entertainment which integrates modern technology, science-fiction, myths and legends and history and culture.


The Legend of Romance is an indoor and panorama style large-scale performance. It is based on Sanya history and mythology which is mixed by singing, dancing and acrobatics together.  


Get local specialty at good prices at First Market


First Market, the largest market in downtown, is a fun place to browse local fruits, seafood and Hainan snacks. Every Day after dark, people like to congregate at the First Market. Fantastic bargains, street snacks and eateries accompany this street market’s night rhythm.


Get your drink at Dadonghai beach bars


The beach gets pretty congested during the day but when the sun goes down, the sands clear fast and the strip of seafront bars in and around Dadonghai comes to life.  These beach bars offer good-value Western pub food as well as some decent cocktails.


Savor your buds at Sanya Chunyuan Seafood Square


Sanya is known for its fresh seafood. Chunyuan Seafood Square is arguably one of the popular seafood squares you’re likely to find in Sanya.


This back street is always filled with large groups of noisy people vivaciously enjoying dinner and good company. Choose hotpot, fried, or steamed preparation methods for a small fee.


Walk along some coastline of Sanya Bay


As Sanya Bay is not far from the city center, visitors can spend a day at this peaceful and very romantic beach. Wander through the picturesque coconut trees and get close to the taste the daily life of local people.


Relax a bit along the Sanya River


Sanya River is located in the middle of the city, famed for its beautiful and scenic landscapes.


Leisure pavilions, touring paths and lush greenery dot along this sprawling river, which is a nursery for a variety of fish, birds, crustaceans and shellfish. Besides the rising buildings along the river, you will also be able to find egrets here. Sanya River is a breath of fresh air after a tiring shopping excursion or even a reason on its own for a visit to the city.