Few family activities are as fun, healthy, and wholesome as going fruit picking together at one of Sanya’s beautiful vineyards.

Yazhou District in Sanya possesses the only large-scale tropical-grape plantation on Hainan Island.


Tropical grape farming was introduced to Sanya in 2013. After two years of observation, there are now six varieties of grapes considered to be suitable for wide cultivation in the region.

These varieties feature strong resistance to high temperatures, ample fruit size, and a high and stable yield.

Starting from March, the grapes in Beiling Village, Yazhou District have been in great demand, attracting flocks of tourists who come to pick fresh grapes right off the vines.

The vineyard itself is a sight to behold. With intertwining grape vines that bear bunch after bunch of luscious grapes, the place is a fruit lover’s paradise. During the picking season, grape lovers can grab a basket and pick to their heart’s content.

The vineyards were established in Yazhou District not only to attract tourists. The industry also helps farmers increase their annual incomes. In recent years, local farmers and the government have worked together to grow high-quality grapes for visitors to pick and purchase. Growers try to make sure that farming practices are environmentally friendly and the fruit is top quality.

Yazhou is one of Sanya’s four county-level districts. The area possesses beautiful, bucolic scenery with rolling hills, green fields, and meandering rivers. Nearby cultural attractions include the Confucius Temple, Yacheng Old Street, and Baoping Village.