It’s the time of the year for migratory birds to fly south. Sanya, a popular family-friendly tropical tourist city, has a wonderful natural environment and plenty of natural food resources for birds.
The Sanya River is often referred to in Chinese as a “heaven for birds.” With warm temperatures and a long coastline, the area around the Sanya River is an ideal habitat for egrets.
A flock of egrets arrives every year in autumn and winter. Attracted by the area’s abundance of fish and shrimp and its lack of predators, they immediately make their home in the area’s mangrove forests, turning the area into a bird wonderland.
Bird lovers can make the most out of their visit to Sanya by staying near the Sanya River, which runs through the city. There, birders can watch egrets in the mangrove forests along the riverbanks, while enjoying the area’s delicious local food.
The best time for watching birds along the Sanya River is during the two hours after sunrise and the two hours before sunset.

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