Sunsets are one of the most fascinating light displays that Mother Nature has to offer. The colors of the sky and the landscape can change dramatically as the sun casts its light at different angles.
Sanya is a land of spectacular sunsets. Travelers can choose from dozens of places to enjoy the natural masterpiece of the setting sun.
Below is the list of the great places for sunset hunters in their Sanya trips.
Sanya Serenity Marina 三亚半山半岛帆船港
At this yacht port, there many ways to appreciate the sunset: visitors can walk along the marina and sit in one of cafes in the area, which are virtually beachfront and offer views of the spectacular sunsets over the sea. Another option is to take a boat ride to enjoy a relaxing downwind cruise and sunset at sea. 
Sanya Bay 三亚湾
Stretching from Phoenix Island to Tianya Bay, Sanya Bay is 22 kilometers long. This place is considered one of the most relaxing and romantic destinations in the city.
When the sun starts to set, the gentle atmosphere of the serene ocean is also kept in the picture.
Luhuitou Park 鹿回头公园
Located on the Luhuitou Peninsula southwest of Sanya, Luhuitou Park is 275 meters in elevation. It is a must-visit place for every couple, both because one can enjoy the ocean and watch the sunset and sunrise here, and also because it’s the best spot to get an entire view of Sanya city.
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