Apart from the sea, beach and sunshine in the daytime, it is worth coming to Sanya for the night scenes as well, as Sanya’s lights and night views are also lovely.
At night in Sanya, the street lamps and the neon signs light up the city with a cheerful atmosphere under the indigo night sky.
For fans of neon and city lights, here are the top four places for the best night scenes in town.
Sanya Bay 三亚湾
Sanya Bay is one of the best places to visit at night. There, countless boats and short-distance sightseeing cruises take to the waters giving visitors the opportunity to get a beautiful wide-angle view of the city.
The beauty of Sanya Bay at night is a huge draw for tourists visiting Sanya. Scenery along this part of the water is so fascinating, with spectacular light shows on Phoenix Island and the laser show from Luhuitou Park.
The ocean water lit up by the backdrop of lights is worth seeing at night to get a sense of the romantic beauty of the bay. There are also many bars and restaurants open late.
For travelers looking for a hotel in Sanya with a great view, the properties along the waterfront are the ideal choice. There, lodgers are guaranteed dazzling views when the sun goes down.
Sanya River 三亚河
Sanya River is located in the center of Sanya city. The area is famous for its beautiful and scenic landscapes. The night scene at the riverside is totally different from the daytime.
The Sanya pedestrian bridge, also called LoversBridge, is centrally located at the Sanya River, and is a highlight of the cityscape. At night, the bridge is particularly beautiful, with lights dotting the structure.
Luhuitou Park Peak 鹿回头公园山顶
The Luhuitou Park Peak offers one of the best vantage points in all of Sanya. Visitors will marvel at the expanding metropolitan jewel below with its panoramic view.
At the top, visitors are rewarded with a postcard shot of the Sanya skyline. It’s best to go as the sun is setting and to linger until the whole city lights up.
Linchun Forest Park 临春岭森林公园
This is a real getaway from the city. Linchun Forest Park is 195.6 meters above sea level. It’s a bit of a walk, but the view is incredible. The Watch Tower at the park is 17 meters tall. From there, visitors can get an amazing panoramic view of the urban nightscape.

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