Niuche Bay is 30 kilometers east of downtown Sanya, located between Haitang Bay and Yalong Bay.
Compared with developed resort zones, Niuche Bay is still virgin land with unspoiled, pristine beauty and has a coastline of one kilometer.
Being an ideal place to soak up the sun and relax, the unique and relaxed ambience that dominates Niuche Bay is serene. The Bay is surrounded by amazing tropical scenery with a seemingly endless sea view.
The vista at Niuche Bay is spectacular. The white sands are not the only attraction, but also the clear blue waters, the tranquil sea and the verdant rolling hills at a distance. Under the sea are well-preserved corals with various schools of fish waiting for your turn to explore.
Beach camping
A beach camping trip to Niuche Bay is a great excursion if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary to do.
Outdoor enthusiasts are sure to enjoy camping here because there is a wealth of things to explore that are all within walking distance like small sand rock climbing and romantic sunrise/sunset watching.
Go fishing
The visibility of seawater here is up to 10 meters deep. Under the water lives a rainbow of colorful corals with a variety of marine life.
If you go out for some fishing action here, you will be able to catch, among many other fish, green wrasse, grouper and humphead wrasse.
Diving adventure
For those interested in spending some extended time underwater, Niuche Bay boasts crystal clear waters with a wide array of marine life and extensive coral reefs to explore. Divers are absolutely guaranteed to see schools of tropical fish, rays, giant clams, and colorful corals in dozens of different forms.