Located on the southernmost coast of China, Sanya is celebrated for its clean air and warm climate all year round.


Its cultural diversity and beautiful natural environment have given Sanya a wealth of leisure opportunities.

Leisure agriculture, a new business that combines sightseeing, tourism and recreation, is booming in Sanya.


Tropical botanical gardens, ethnic culture sites, hot spring villages and leisure fishing; all of these and more are a only short trip from the centre of Sanya, and can easily visited as a half day trip.


The following is a selection of the most well-known leisure agriculture places to visit in Sanya.


1. Orchid World 兰花世界


Situated close to other popular attractions such as Dongtian Park, Nanshan and Tianya Haijiao, the park is home to some 3000 species of orchid; 300 of which are rare and previously wild species.


The park is comprised of eight scenic areas designated by the different types of orchid habitat: ground growing, tree growing, rock growing, valley growing orchids and so on.

By the exit is a souvenir shop selling a range of orchid related items manufactured by the park such as orchid soaps, perfume and teas.

Address: The Front Entrance of Hongtang Bay, Tianya Town, Sanya
Contact: +86 898 38888688
Website: www.troporchid.com

2. Yalong Bay Rose Valley 亚龙湾玫瑰谷

As the largest rose plantation base in Sanya, the Yalong Bay International Rose Valley has become a charming icon of Sanya’s agricultural leisure tourism. It features 1,200 types of roses in this rose valley.


The Rose Valley is also an ideal place for romantic wedding site where the life-long partners witness the most memorable and excited emotional moment. 


In the valley, visitors can sit in front of the modern and cozy bower and watch the sun set together. It is not a dream to feel the luxury and wild impetuous love at this moment. Waterfalls, teahouses, winding paths, streams and bridges are added for arts tours. 


Add: Yalong Bay National Tourism Zone, Sanya三亚市亚龙湾国家旅游度假区内

Tel: 0898-88567881

Website: www.sanyarose.com/


3. Binglang River 槟榔河

Perhaps the best, and most accessible place to experience traditional village life and the culture of the local Li people is Binglang River – a series of villages along the Binglang River near Sanya.

With quiet, leafy village lanes, wandering farm animals, cheery locals, verdant paddy fields and colorful orchid farms this area is a beautiful place to spend a day. For the full experience, head to the Li restaurant to sample some local dishes. Seating is outside, under traditional thatched roofs, surrounded by betel nut trees and the occasional stray chicken. Try their hotpot and the Shanlan rice wine, both Li specialties and unique to Sanya.

The rustic setting along with professional service makes this is a great place to have a meal, relax and enjoy the peaceful surroundings and warmth of the Li people.

Address: Binglang River, Phoenix Road, Sanya

4. Yazhou Ancient Culture Village 崖州古越文化村

This is a cultural village showing the culture and heritage of Hainan’s various ethnic minorities.

The village includes examples of traditional architecture, song and dance performances and arts and crafts from around Hainan


5. Little Fish Hot Spring 小鱼温泉

Located at the Shuijiao Village in Phoenix Town, the Little Fish Hot Spring is 8 kilometres away from the city center. It is a health center with an area of 81 Mu, which includes 1 big fish poolside (fish are 1-10 cm) and other one poolside with small fishes.


There are over 20 hot spring pools with different aromatherapies ranging from red wine scented pools to coffee, vanilla, medicinal herbs, and coconut milk.


Address: Fenghuang Town, Sanya City

Website: http://www.syxywq.com/

Contact: 0898-88340000

Opening hours: 9:00am-24:00pm