Hot springs and spas are a good choice for the winter season, and they are always a great time for families during holidays. It is now time for celebration and rejuvenation!



Sanya’s Pearl River Nantian Hotspring Resort, a getaway just around the corner, is attracting an increasing number of tourists to experience the charisma of hot springs water.


With the average surface water temperature reaching 57 degrees Celcius, Nantian’s hot springs water boasts natural springs that are rich in minerals beneficial to human health. You will feel refreshed and energetic after experiencing the power of these natural hot springs.


The resort has a large collection of more than 60 hot spring pools, suitable both for families and for those who want privacy. 



Located 30 kilometers away from the Sanya Phoenix International Airport, the hot spring site features Bali-style architecture as part of its waterside pavilion, artificial hillocks, and arched bridges.

This resort village has a large collection of hot spring pools ranging from very large to small, suitable both for families and for those who want privacy.


The hot spring pools are built with natural stone, terraced into the landscape and each boasts its own unique experience, including pools scented with herbs, flowers, red wine and coconut milk.



Guests at the resort can enjoy 24-hour unlimited access to the soaking pools. Non-resort guests can purchase a day pass to enjoy the benefits of the hot springs. The full-service day spa offers a complete and comprehensive line of skin, hair and body treatments which are perfect compliments to the therapeutic properties of the hot mineral waters.




At the Pearl River Nantian Hotspring Resort, you can immerse yourself deeply into the natural hot springs and feel their rejuvenating and healing powers without disturbance.