Most people who go on vacation trips often complain that while the day trips are always great, the nights are boring due to a lack of things to do. This is one complaint that you will never have to make if you take a trip to Sanya.


Sanya is well known for its vibrant and multifaceted nightlife, which is another great reason to visit the city. Nightlife in Sanya can be classified into three categories, depending on the kind of entertainment you prefer. So, be it tranquil outings or loud and noisy party options, you will have all that and more on offer for your nights in Sanya.


Sanya Bay Night Cruise



For those who want a tranquil night out to take in the essence and nature of Sanya, there is the Sanya Bay Night Cruise, one of the main highlights of Sanya travel.


Since Sanya Bay enjoys the longest beach in the city, the innumerable lights along the coast twinkle from the fantastic hotels and commercial buildings on Sanya Bay Road, making for a beautiful scene at night. In addition, the lights from Phoenix Island and Luhuitou Park, which are new additions to the Sanya skyline, make the entire cruise delightful and colorful.


Sanya Romance Park



Sanya offers a variety of entertainment options, including cinemas and cultural shows for those of you who are interested in immersing yourself in Chinese culture. If you are interested in Sanya’s history, then you will definitely enjoy The Legend of Romance Sanya performance at Sanya Romance Park.


The performance is pleasant and quite impressive, and can be compared to the “Red Grindery” in Paris and the “O Show” in Las Vegas. It is a must for tourists coming to Sanya.


Besides, some traditional performances and customs are on display in the park, where people wearing historic costumes, as well as dancing and singing in the local style, attract people’s eyes during their stroll.


Sanya Times Coast Bar Street



The main essence of nightlife in Sanya is the numerous bars and clubs that have opened across the city. Known for their excellent music, drinks and company, these are very popular with most everyone. So, if you are a party fanatic, then you should definitely visit any one of the bars on Yuya Road near Sanya Times Coast Bar Street, where the party is on at all times.