Located in front of the gate of the Confucius Temple of Yacheng Town, the Yacheng Old Street has a history of 300 years. This is the town’s old commercial street and is lined on both sides with old Cantonese-style shop houses, similar to those found in places in South East Asia, such as Singapore, telling stories of how things used to be.


The origin of the street can be traced back over 400 years to the Ming Dynasty. In ancient times, Yacheng was a political, economic, cultural and educational center in southern Hainan and it also had military importance. It became a county during the period of the Southern and Northern Dynasties and had been the seat of the regional government since the Song Dynasty.





In the Ming Dynasty, a mass immigration from Fujian and Guangdong boosted prosperity in Yacheng. In the same period, the Qilou (arcade building) sprouted up here and then gradually grew into a prosperous local high street. According to the historical records, in 1752, there were already to big market at each end of the old street which sold cloth, wines, jewelry and books.




Many of these buildings are now run down and in disrepair, however the street retains a lot of charm and although perhaps sleepier than it used to be there is still plenty going on with many small businesses operating from the street level shops. 


When strolling on the street on a leisure afternoon, you can experience Sanya’s rich and dignified past. Even after a motorcycle roars onto the street and disturbs the tranquility, you would feel at ease and continue your tour.


The old Yacheng Street provides a living history lesson, an enjoyable stroll, and scenic views to all who visit.