There’s been a lot of buzz about Sanya in recent years, and most of the news is about new luxury developments opening in Sanya, which has become one of Asia’s hottest new beach destinations.


With over 258 kilometers of shoreline, Sanya is home to some of the most beautiful beaches and coastal scenery in Asia. And, along its seemingly endless white sand beaches and pristine coastline are several of the Sanya’s most beautiful bays.


These inlets of land boast calm waters and stunning scenery, some of them lie near protected coral reefs and luxury resorts, and some are gloriously devoid of development. Below are some of the most beautiful bays along Sanya’s shores.


Sanya Bay 三亚湾



Sanya Bay, along with Dadonghai, is very popular with beach goers due its central location.


Sanya Bay is huge, a 22 kilometre crescent of beach stretching west from Phoenix Island. The beach is lined with coconut palms and the eastern end is landscaped with footpaths and gardens, public toilets, changing rooms and showers are set at regular intervals.


Towards the western end of the bay it is quieter with a predominance of hotels, resorts and holiday apartments.


The beach in Sanya Bay attracts all manner of people from local fishermen fishing with hand nets, boat builders building traditional wooden fishing boats to tourists, elderly dancers, Tai Chi practitioners and the occasional beach cricket team.


Dadonghai Beach 大东海



Dadonghai is the main public beach in the city of Sanya with an attractive bay with a long sandy beach and clear waters.


This beach is very popular with tourists and locals alike who come for the swimming, sunbathing, water sports and people watching.


The beach side bars and restaurants are mostly situated on the coconut palm lined boardwalk – the ideal place to take in the sea breeze and enjoy a seafood meal and refreshments. There are also a number of hotels along the bay, and more set back from the beach.


Yalong Bay亚龙湾



Yalong Bay is a major holiday destination in its own right, known throughout China for its beautiful 8 kilometre long beach and stunning scenery.


As well as boasting a number of 5-star luxury resorts, Yalong Bay has a number of attractions for visitors including a range of water sports, a Marine Park, Rose Valley Seashell Museum, Butterfly Valley, golf courses and a wide choice beach front restaurants and bars to choose from.


Haitang Bay 海棠湾



Just 28 kilometres from Sanya lies Haitang Bay, almost 50 kilometres of white beach sweeping up the coast from Wuzhizhou Island in the south to Lingshui in the north.


This bay is the newest tourism hotspot in Hainan with around 20 international brand resorts currently under construction or already completed including the Renaissance, Sheraton, Kempinski, Conrad and Raffles hotels.


Queen Bay皇后湾




Queen Bay, also called Qiongnan Bay in ancient times, is 30 km away from downtown Sanya and located the south of Haitang Bay.


Compared with developed resort zones, Queen Bay is still a virgin land with unspoiled, pristine beauty and has a coastline of 25 kilometers.


The vista at Queen Bay is spectacular. The white sands are not the only attraction but also the clear blue waters, the tranquil sea and the verdant rolling hills at a distance. Under the sea are well-preserved corals with various schools of fish waiting for your turn to explore.


Yazhou Bay 崖州湾



Yazhou Bay, located southwest of Sanya City, is an important historical and cultural site. Serving as trading gate at the southernmost tip of China, Yazhou Bay had been important port for Maritime Silk Road in ancient times.


Chinese Monk Jianzhen of Tang Dynasty helped to introduce Buddhism to Japan. In his fifth attempt, the ship ran into storms and drifted far off course down to Hainan. Jianzhen was then forced to make his way back to Yangzhou Bay by land, lecturing at a number of monasteries on the way.


Lover Bay 情人湾



The Bay got its name for its unique setting right at the foot of Luhuitou Peninsula between the Sanya Bay and Dadonghai Bay, which is known by the name "Lover’s Mountain"


The marine area is home to some of Sanya’s most dazzling scenery, featuring beautiful coral, tropical fish and all sorts of weird and wonderful creatures. It is truly a feast for all the senses. The dazzling, soft sandy beaches and the pristine structures along the coastline make for a truly authentic and natural experience.


Tenghai Bay 藤海湾


Located 30km west of Sanya’s suburbs, Tenghai Bay is the best location where you can catch glimpses of the sunrise over the sea in the area.


The sun rising here has a unique beauty as there are dozens of oil refineries in the distance and smoke from the plants are to create dazzling color.


Hutou Bay 虎头湾




Located 20 kilometers away from downtown Sanya, Hutou Bay is one of the most prominent beaches preserving the last unspoiled and undeveloped habitat in Sanya. Its white sand and green trees stretch for 2 kilometers in a U-shape.


Houhai Bay后海湾



Houhai Beach is particularly popular as a winter surfing spot in Sanya. It offers good waves, hot weather and warm water, and importantly for many travelling surfers.