Sanya is a land with distinct tropical island cultures. The Sanya landscape is filled with myriad tropical scenes that are absolutely beautiful and breathtaking. There are great luxury resorts that dot the landscape, pristine beaches, pleasant sunshine and lush greenery. Maybe that is why watching a sunrise in Sanya is one of the most mesmerizing and breath-taking experiences in an individual’s life.


There is nothing as captivating and beautiful as watching the sun mount the sky in its complete glory!


There are no words that can describe the beauty of a reddish-orange sky as the backdrop of a beautiful beach or mountain. So, if you are looking to catch the sunrise while in Sanya, below is a list of the top places you can consider visiting:


1.       Dadonghai 大东海



If you are a beach lover and you want to experience the stunning sunrise, Dadonghai Beach is one of the best choices.


Grab your camera and position yourself on the beach for the best shots. You’ll be amazed at how beautiful it can get. The colors are so fleeting that you will want to be sure to be there and paying attention to the whole thing.


2.       Luhuitou Park 鹿回头公园



Very easy on the eyes, Luhuitou Park is something that any visitor must take time out to see especially just before sunrise. Watch as the orange sun slowly yet steadily gains height and plays hide and seek cheekily in the clouds. Here you can see the sun slowly rise over the South China Sea.


3.       Tenghai Bay 藤海湾



Located 30km west of Sanya’s suburbs, Tenghai Bay is the best location where you can catch glimpses of the sunrise over the sea in the area.


The sunrise here has a unique beauty as there are dozens of oil refineries in the distance and smoke from the plants creates dazzling colors.