If you’ve never been to Sanya in the summer and also are looking for travel value outside of ‘prime’ time, making the holiday trip to Sanya between June and September is worth doing. This is a list of 8 of the best incentives to visiting Sanya in the summer. Some are obvious, and some are surprising.


1. Cooler weather

Sanya has a tropical monsoon climate, with average temperatures around 25.7C. In the summer it peaks at 28.7C. However, compared with the scorching summer heat in mainland China, the weather in Sanya is much cooler during the summer with its moist sea breeze and a vast region lined with gracious palm and coconut trees to relax under.


2. Cheaper flights

June and September is considered the traditional off-season in Sanya. During that period, many airlines companies offer discount on airfare which can help save you money.


3. Affordable accommodation

In summer, accommodation in Sanya is available at lower prices in most hotels and resorts since hotel room rates in Sanya basically charge according to the high season and low season.


4. Special preferential summer tourism products

Every summer, Sanya launches a series of special summer tourism products with suitable accommodations, activities and deals, including family holidays, weddings and honeymoon holidays, summer-themed holidays and high-end holidays for tourists to choose from.


5. Seasonal tropical fruit

A vast variety of tropical fruit are made available during the summer season and most of them are sold at cheap prices. The seasonal fruits include mango, papaya, litchi, pineapple, wax apples and guava.


6. Convenient transportation

Another obvious reason. Sanya can be a little over-crowded during the peak season. Visitors are often facing and complaining about the lengthy wait times for using public transportation in the city..


7. Smaller crowds

The drop in crowds during Sanya’s summer not only facilitates transportation, it also means you’ll have more space at some of Sanya’s popular beaches for sunbathing. This also applies to restaurants and bars.


8. Summer treats

As the weather in Sanya is heating up, travelers and locals alike are looking for ways to cool down.Sweet treats like Fried Ice and Qingbuliang are the most popular local specialties that Sanya is known for during the scorching summer months. Available at fancy places or the sidewalk corners, it’s one of the best things about Sanya in summer.