Apart from the sea, beach and sunshine in the daytime, it is worth coming to Sanya for the night scenes as well, as Sanya’s lights and night views are so lovely that visitors should not miss this magnificent experience.
As night falls, the town is ablaze with lights. The street lamps and the neon signs light up the city with a cheerful atmosphere under the indigo night sky.
If you are a fan of neon and city lights, here are the top three places for the best night scenes in town.
Sanya Bay
Sanya Bay is famous for its stunning panoramic views. After dusk, walking down the beach on Sanya, you will be able to catch a glimpse of the stunning sunset views.
When night falls, cruises or neon-light boats float calmly on the beautiful Sanya Bay with Phoenix Island in the background. At night, innumerable lights twinkle from the fantastic hotels and commercial buildings on Sanya Bay Road such as the Four Points by Sheraton, Sanya and Pullman Sanya Bay.
It is worth a visit as you’ll find breathtaking views – the spectacular light show of the Phoenix Island development and the laser show from Luhuitou Park.
Sanya River
The night scene at Sanya River is another ideal place that gives you a completely different feeling than it does in the daytime. For many people, Sanya River is a friendly escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, even if for a couple of hours.
The Sanya pedestrian bridge, also called LoversBridge, is centrally-located at Sanya River, and is a highlight of the cityscape. At night, the bridge is particularly beautiful, with lights dotting the structure.
Luhuitou Park Peak
The Luhuitou Park Peak offers one of the best vantage points of all of Sanya to marvel at the expanding metropolitan jewel below with its panoramic view.