If you have a chance to see a magical shot of sunset in Sanya, you will be touching that this is actually the land of spectacular sunsets. The golden land of Sanya offers travelers dozens of places to enjoy the natural masterpiece of the sun, from the poetic beach of the romantic Sanya Bay or from a top of a stunning highpoint in Luhuitou Park. Below is the list of the best places for sunset hunters in their Sanya trips.
Sanya Bay三亚湾
Sanya Bay is always considered the most relaxing and romantic destinations among 4 must-sees in Sanya. The gentle atmosphere of the serene ocean is also kept in the sunset. The sunset on Sanya Bay is beautiful as a passionate romance, gentle as a soft poem.
Relax with feet in the sand and a cold drink in hand, enjoying this unique perspective of Sanya Bay and the changing colors that occur as the sun dips low in to the sky.
Luhuitou Park鹿回头公园
Located in the Luhuitou Peninsular southwest of Sanya, the Luhuitou Park is 275 meters high.
It is a must-visit place for every couple where you can not only enjoy the ocean and watch the sunset and sunrise, and also the only best spot to get an entire view of Sanya city.
Since the moment the sun turning red and the sparkling lights begin to shine the Luhuitou Park, the unique harmony of colors and lights starts to show up in the blue sky of Sanya. You can get a splendid sunset by climbing on the top of the park.
Da Xiao Dong Tian 大小洞天
Everything is beautiful at this scenic spot let alone the sunset.
Sitting on the rocks looking at fishing boats at the distance, watching the sun touching the water with its final golden rays and just reflecting upon the wonders you have seen during the day – that is for sure one of the most precious moments in life.
Wuzhizhou Island 蜈支洲岛
The Wuzhizhou Island is famous for its fine white sand and crystal clear waters. Couples can walk on the Lover Bridge and admire the spectacular setting of the sun over the crystal waters of the South China Sea. That is definitely one of the most romantic views you have ever seen!