For many families, summer travel has become an overly-traveled path to mega theme parks, including hours standing on line in waiting for something to happen. For those tired of the usual family vacation suspects, Sanya offers a surprising and refreshing alternative.


Formerly Known as "Hawaii of the East" for leisure conscious travelers, Sanya has evolved into emerging destination for family travelers, offering more intimated-sized attractions—many natural tropical settings without long lines. A wide variety of resorts throughout the city from international brands hotels to family hostels, offer family programs, from immersion activities together to kid day camps where parents can steal away for romance and relaxation. From tropical rainforests to beaches surrounding the city, to quick ethnic neighborhoods, family friendly attractions and gardens, cool seekers can find fun ways to connect in and out of the Dadonghai blue waters.


Five-star Family Fun


Family vacations can be seen more like a “business trip” for parents, with a lot of work and little rest. Those looking got a little break from family bonding have many options at Sanya’s luxury resorts.


Family-Centric Attractions





With about 15 miles of white sand, the beach offers one of the nation’s consistently top rated urban beaches. Days can be spent enjoying the seaside fun through making sandcastles and seashell hunting at Dadonghai Beach for those families in search of relaxation.


When it’s time to eat, they can wander with their parents over to any of huge number of restaurants offerings in the area. When it’s time to play again, teens and parents can rent jet skis or join a volleyball game on the beach.


Yalong Bay Tropical Rainforest Park



Families who have the energy to burn will love the Sanya’s sparkling evergreen forests. As one of world-class eco-friendly forest parks, Yalong Bay Tropical Rainforest Park offers rainforest exploration, leisurely hike and local natural lectures to natural lovers.


On the hike up, visitors can opt to an interesting rope bridge across a valley that gives you a spectacular view of the park. However, it may not be for those families whose kids fear heights.


Butterfly Valley 



Families who want to play with a mix of education can visit the Yalong Bay Butterfly Valley, an ecological garden filled with vibrant colored butterflies flying around. These activities are suitable for families and are the perfect opportunity for adventurous fun in a safe environment.