Are you searching for some romantic places during your stay in Haitang Bay in Sanya? If you are looking for some romantic places to foster, rediscover or repair your Love in a romantic and exotic place, Haitang Bay will not let you down.


Haitang Bay has stunning waters, gleaming golden sandy beaches and unforgettable sights of sunrise. It also has a plethora of romantic eateries, styles of hot springs and luxury resorts to relax your body and mind. Here is the list of top 7 most romantic places in Haitang Bay.


No.1 Wuzhizhou Island 蜈支洲岛



The butterfly-shaped island of Wuzhizhou, also known as Valentine’s Island, is the perfect place for a romantic getaway.


Lies in Haitang Bay and northeast coast of Sanya City, this 1.5-sq-km islet offers abundant tropical marine life and a wide range of beach activities for couples all year round.


Wuzhizhou Island is also one of the very few islands in China featuring crystal clear seawater, white sand beaches and coral reefs. Active tourists can enjoy windsurfing, speedboat rides, banana boating, canoeing, para-sailing, beach motorcycling and sea parachute jumping.


Wuzhizhou has become a popular meeting place for young lovers who take an oath to be faithful to each other forever.


Lovers can enjoy a 360-degree view on a "lovers’ bridge" that has been built next to a little pavilion.


No.2: Nantian Hot Spring南田温泉度假区




Nantian Hot Spring is the picture-perfect place for a romantic escape, whether you’re looking for excitement in the outdoor pools or relaxation on private rooms.


There are 60 springs of differing sizes in the resort area and each boasts its own unique experience including pools scented with herbs, flowers, red wine and coconut milk. 


The full-service day spa offers a complete and comprehensive line of skin, hair and body treatments which are perfect compliments to the therapeutic properties of the hot mineral waters.


No.3: Haitang Bay Wanda Int’l Cinema海棠湾万达影城



Staying at one of the hotels in Haitang Bay and wanting a place for a romantic night out? The Haitang Bay Wanda International Cinema is a great place for couples to spend time together.


Sanya Wanda International Cinema, a luxury cinema with five-star international standards, is located on the 1st floor in the Haitang Bay Entertainment Center, offering audiences the top audio-visual recreational screening experience in the city.


Covering a floor area of over 4,700 sqm, the cinema has 7 large-scale halls including 1 IMAX screen, 3 super-luxury halls, 2 special halls and 1 luxury VIP lounge which can accommodate up to nearly 1,000 people viewing their favorite movies.



No.4: Underwater Restaurant at InterContinental Hotel Sanya Haitang Bay Resort三亚海棠湾天房洲际度假酒店海底餐厅




For couples who want to go somewhere really special for a romantic dinner then this is the place since the view at this underwater restaurant at the InterContinental Hotel Sanya Haitang Bay Resort is probably like none you’ve ever seen.


The restaurant is housed in a transparent acrylic tunnel high enough so that you can stand in it. The ambiance here is very intimate, perfect for a romantic dinner to celebrate your honeymoon or anniversary


During the day, you can see the light streaming through the water, illuminating the restaurant through the vaulted glass windows from above. At night, the atmosphere is especially romantic, with the restaurant lights shining into the surrounding water and attracting the curious fish who swim by to have a look.


No.5 Coconut Island 椰子洲岛



If you want to enjoy undisturbed romantic stay, consider visiting Coconut Island on the Tengqiao River Estuary close to Tufu Bay in Lingshui County.


There are over 10,000 coconut trees on the island, from which the island takes its name. It is one of Hainan’s most pristine natural islands. 


The island is accessed by small boat, and the trip to and from the island is also a popular photo spot with a clear view of coconut island and a good place to look for tropical fish in the water below. Shade from the boat makes them easy to spot here.


No.6: Kempinski Hotel Haitang Bay Sanya 海棠湾凯宾斯基酒店



If you’re planning your wedding, honeymoon or romantic getaway, Kempinski Hotel Haitang Bay is a great choice.


It is a hotel with a very intimate and luxurious feel. The 576 rooms are set in six buildings blending modern comforts with Chinese classical. Complete with a director of romance, the hotel offers numerous amenities to couple including a unique 1.2-km seawater river meandering around the resort.


A shimmering swimming pool, on-site fitness center and spa ensure that guests will be at their most relaxed.


Hotel staffs are well trained to provide exceptional service, allowing couples to spend time enjoying the sights and surroundings


No.7: Tenghai Bay 藤海湾




Located 30km west of Sanya’s suburbs, Tenghai Bay is the best location where you can catch glimpses of the sunrise over the sea in the area.


The sun rising here has a unique beauty as there are dozens of oil refineries in the distance and smoke from the plants are to create dazzling color.