The night at Sanya River is another ideal place that gives you a completely different feeling than it does in the daytime. For many people, Sanya River is a friendly escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, even if for a couple of hours. If you dont like to drink anything or to stay at one site, taking a walk by the river is another wonderful activity.
Sanya River is located in the mid of Sanya city, famous for its beautiful and scenic landscapes. But you would never think the river that now puts Sanya on the map was once a highly polluted place that appalled residents just a few decades ago.
Taking a leisurely stroll along this picturesque river with easy access to nearby eateries, bars and shops is fun.
The well-lit walking paths run along both sides of the river, with leisure pavilions and lush greenery dotted all around. The cool breeze will kiss your face while you are looking at the flashing lights sparking from bars and bustling crowds by the river and listening to the sound of a guitar floating in from a distance.
At night, here you can find many locals going about their usual business, usually relaxing and chatting for hours under a tree, tourists enjoying a night cruise of sightseeing along the river, and elderly ladies practicing dancing performances in the fresh air.
The Sanya pedestrian bridge, also called LoversBridge, is centrally-located at Sanya River, and is a highlight of the cityscape. At night, the bridge is particularly beautiful, with lights dotting the structure. Visitors can also enjoy the walkway for its privileged view of the city.
Sanya River is a breath of fresh air after a tiring shopping excursion or even a reason on its own for a visit to the city.