For many who come to Sanya for the first time and for those who never venture into Sanya’s corner streets, it is unlikely that they will be familiar with good, folksy things that are happening in Sanya’s alleyways.
These visitors or expats may be missing out on part of the Sanya action and its food culture. These snacks are commonly found at food courts, snack bars, little restaurants and hawkers’ centers tucked away in the corner streets.
抱罗粉 Baoluo Rice Noodles
One of the most popular noodle dishes favored by locals and tourists alike, the name comes from the most famous rice noodle in Baoluo of Wenchang Town. It is very delicious, with many ingredients like peanuts, beef and vegetables added. The noodles are thicker, a bit like spaghetti.
陵水酸粉 Lingshui Sour Rice Noodles
A very popular breakfast snack in Lingshui County which uses thread-like noodles. It is made with delicious sweet & sour soup and various accessories like chopped chives, fried peanuts, shredded pork meat and some sliced dried beef. 
港门粉 Gangmen Noodles
Unlike traditional rice noodles cooked with boiling pork bones, Gangmen Rice Noodle is famous for its tasty and fresh soup, the secret lying in flesh picked out from local shell fish.
蒸肠粉 Steamed Rice Rolls
A thin roll made from a wide strip of rice noodles, filled with shrimp, pork, beef, vegetables, or other ingredients. Sweet soy sauce is poured over the dish upon serving.
海南粉 Hainan Rice Noodles
Hainan Rice Noodles uses thin vermicelli-style noodles. It’s often served with fried peanuts, roasted sesame, bean sprout, chopped green onion, shredded meat, sesame oil and Chinese pickles on top. Then add some clear conch soup and your bowl of delicious Hainan Rice Noodles is ready.
清补凉 Qingbuliang
Qingbuliang is a local summer evening specialty. Commonly sold from small carts on blisteringly hot Sanya evenings, Qingbuliang is a cool refreshing drink. It is usually served in small glass bowls, full chilled coconut milk with ice, diced watermelon, diced pineapple, jujube (Chinese date), raisins, cooked beans, mung beans, coix seed, pearl sago, and sometimes longan.
水果炒冰 Hainan Fried Fruit Ice (Chao Bing)

Chao Bing, literally translated as ‘fried ice’, it’s a highly-recommended snack for a steamy tropical evening. The fruity frozen snack is similar to a sorbet. Visitors can try any combination of the fresh tropical fruits on display. Good Chao Bing vendors can be found at Sanya No. 1 Market.
年糕Sugar Rice Cake
A kind of rice cake made from glutinous rice powder, brown sugar, coconut powder and peanut kernels. Traditionally, the cake is usually made by families as a festive dessert during the Chinese New Year festival. But now you can enjoy it year-round as several street vendors have begun selling them around the No. 1 Market.
街边烧烤 Local street BBQ food
Popular with locals, these vendors come out as night falls and serve a variety of BBQ food. You can choose what you want and the chef will bring delicious local flavors directly to your plate. The food is inexpensive and many locals eat and chat at tables loaded with beers and food for hours beside the road at nearly every corner.