Times Coast Bar Street situated near the Sanya Port in a prosperous resort in Yuya Avenue (a 5 min bus ride from Dadonghai) has one of the highest concentrations of bars in the city including some of the newest, fashionable and popular ones.
In the Times Coast area, there are a number of nightclubs grouped around the Eadry Hotel. These are generally noisy and fun with pumping disco music and a mixed crowd of Sanya locals, mainland Chinese tourists and tourists from overseas.
Every night after sundown, a variety of people, young and ‘not so young’, gather to eat and drink with friends, dance, or just hang out. With so many choices, you definitely have to mark this area down as your go-to spot when you’re looking to entertain yourself and friends well into the wee small hours in Sanya.
WOS has listed the popular bars at the Bar Street:
1. Club MJ
With regular live music and a large patio seating area, this is a great place to chill out.
People younger and old frequent the bar, most of whom are up-market local Chinese out for a few drinks, a laugh and a dice game with friends, with a sprinkling of westerners thrown in here and there.
A special theme party is held every month and decorations of the bar change with the themes. When they’re held, all the guests and girls dress up for the games, competitions and activities in the party, making the events totally unforgettable.
2. 88 Bar
One of the most popular bars in ‘Bar Street’ is the 88 bar. It is basically a club that is best to visit after midnight when you can drink and dance the night away until at least 2 or 3am. It is frequented by a younger crowd, almost all of whom are well-to-do local Chinese and tourists.
This is another large bar club with an attractive modern design, which is always crowded and in no shortage of sexy ladies. It is a typical Chinese club. The music is at a volume which makes conversations easy and the lighting here switches through lots of different colors and looks dazzling playing off the cool interior.
4. Yanoda
As its name suggests, Yanoda is a Hainan-style club packed with locals keen to consume inexpensive beverages. Cheap drinks and loud, varied music mean that Yanoda is best to enjoy with a group of mates, but go alone and you’ll meet plenty there.