The two grannies with tattooed faces mimicked the poses of Gangnam Style
Recently the Sanya version of the South Korean pop hit “Gangnam Style” began shooting following an online petition named “Let’s shoot Sanya Style”.

On the afternoon of 14th October, the MV crew of Sanya Style went to the Li & Miao Ecological Cultural Tourism Area Ganza Ridge Areca Valley (Binglang Valley for short) to feature more Hainan elements.

Sanya’s “Psy” and two beauties performed the well-known horse-riding dance in front of the entrance of Binglang Valley, prompting two grannies with tattooed faces belonging to the Li nationality mimicking them to the tune of “Gangnam Style”.

The creator “Shenhua Yinxiang”, explained that he chose Binlang Valley as one of the shooting locations because “The Li & Miao folk culture and facially tattooed grannies are famously representative of Hainan”.

Afterwards the MV crew shot 2 more scenes for Sanya Style, including tour guide women also from the Li minority in Binglang and the archaic charm of Binlang Valley.

The archaic charm of Binlang Valley
The tour guide beauties of Li minority in Binglang Valley
SOURCE: Binglang Valley & WOS 
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