Situated on the sands of Dadonghai Beach, WOS Beach Bar plays multiple roles in its food and drinks setting on the beach of Dadonghai in Sanya.


In the morning, WOS Beach Bar serves breakfast. It is an ideal spot for local expats and many of the western tourists who are not used to Chinese breakfast offered by the local Dadonghai hostels. Fresh brewed coffee, freshly squeezed orange juice, pancakes, baked beans, toasts, eggs, fried bacons and tomatoes are some of the goodies on WOS Beach Bar’s breakfast menu. If you are a surfer who requires a heavy breakfast, WOS chef can put together a big serving of meat pie, bacon and eggs combo.



During lunchtime, WOS Beach Bar becomes a snack bar for swimmers and families of young and old. Pizzas, pitas, tortillas, meat pies, burgers, roast meats, squid rings, fish and chips, grilled or deep fried, freshly squeezed juices, smoothies, cold beers, cocktails are on the bar’s regular food and drink menus.


Many international tourists, China expats, Sanya expats come to the bar and use it as a meeting point, a place to read, relax, chat and simply go for a cool dip when the day becomes a little hot.   



At night, the bar is a local expats drinking spot (pre-dinner drinks) before getting off to various places in Dadonghai for dinner OR simply staying back for a 3 course meal which WOS bartender can dish out exotic cocktails and chef can cook out a storm.



Also, WOS Beach Bar can be a quiet spot for a romantic dinner. The beach, the sunset, the lights from the fishing boats can create a magical scene, and couple can always find a quiet spot at the bar outdoor because the beach is the dining room.


Where to find WOS Bar (see the map as below)



WOS i-Centre


Shop 30, Dadonghai Beach, Sanya, Hainan (Below Wave Bar, right on the beach)

Telephone: 0898-88223937

Mobile: +86-15103092209