After a day of suntan and ‘hard work’ on the beach in this tropical coastal city, it is time to get refreshed and WOS Beach Bar is a ideal night spot on Dadonghai Beach after the sunset.


Being a hot beach spot, WOS Beach Bar brings you a night experience filled with a variety of delicious western food such as tortillas, burgers, pies, pizzas, fish and chips etc, great cocktail drinks made from fresh tropical fruits, mellow music and many more!




The prices are very reasonable compare to other similar cafés or restaurants and much cheaper than the ones at the hotels and other tourist places, and a lot of thoughts are given to set up stuffs which make patrons relaxing with this awesome beachfront view.


Sitting right on the sands, on deck chairs, beach chairs and dinner tables, overlooking long stretch of Dadonghai Beach and the vast sea, you can sip your favorite cocktails or watch crabs crawling in and out of the beach.




At night, the cool tropical breeze brushes thru you, looking at tangling fishing boats light in a distance, the quieter beach with lovers, singles, strolling along the beach, it is not the humidity that makes you sweat, but rather the beautiful girls who sometimes are still in their bikinis.


The bar also offers a selection of excellent imported wines, from Australia, California, and Chile to enhance the whole dining experience for diners or simply sipping away the night with your lover or with a group of friends.



Western live music is playing at the background from other venues next to the bar, usually by some Filipino bands, people are dancing, and pineapples are being squeezed as bartenders continue to pour fresh pina colada, soaking you more into this tropical paradise.


From fun-filled day to food and drink-filled night, time is not a factor as it is easy to get a big relaxation and have a good time at this open-air bar.