While China may not be the first place that springs to mind when you envision a romance-filled honeymoon, there are plenty of places here that offer fun, relaxing, and yes, romantic, post-wedding vacation options. Whether you prefer to lounge on a beach, climb a mountain or hike up glaciers, there are options for every type of couple. Take a look at China’s top five honeymoon destinations for some ideas on where to get away from it all.
1) Sanya, Hainan Province
Sometimes called the “Hawaii of China” by enthusiastic Chinese tourists, it is probably safe to say that Sanya is more like the Florida of China. Regardless of what you call it, there’s no denying that Sanya is the best place to go if you’re looking for a beach getaway. Flying directly into Sanya Airport, you’ll immediately be greeted by lush vegetation and warm, balmy air – no matter what time of year you go! There is one long main strip of resorts, most of which have their own private stretches of beach and pools. Enjoy water sports, party hard in one of the tourist-heavy areas of Yalong Bay and Dadong Hai, or enjoy the natural, relatively untouched areas of Haitan Bay and Xiangshui Bay. Perhaps the best thing about Sanya is that the ocean water is refreshingly clean, allowing you to fully enjoy all this tropical paradise has to offer. If you get tired of frolicking in the sand, check out some of the local attractions like the 354 foot tall Guanyin Statue of Hainan or the honeymoon-appropriate Luhuitou Park, where people sometimes leave a chained padlock on top of the mountain with the hope that their love “will last as long as the lock remains.”
2) Dali, Yunnan Province
Only a forty minute flight from Yunnan’s capital of Kunming, Dali is nestled within a green plateau, squarely between Erhai Lake to the east and the Cangshan Mountains to the west. The Old Town, a historic village with winding streets and charming architecture, is a popular tourist destination, but for the most part Dali is known for its superb hiking trails. Called a “backpacker’s heaven” by mountain climbing enthusiasts, this place is a must for the adventurous couple who likes to rough it for a few days. There are guesthouses along the trails in case you find yourself not quite ready to move on yet, but most of the trails only provide between three and five hours of hiking. The views are absolutely breathtaking and provide plenty of photo opportunities. One of the more popular trails, Cloud Traveler’s Path, reaches as high as 2,500 meters. Once you’ve hiked till your heart’s content, check out the seventeen villages spread out among the shoreline of Erhai Lake or Butterfly Spring, a small pool that sporadically attracts hoards of multi-colored butterflies.

Dali Market
3) Gulangyu Island, Xiamen City
Also known as “Drum Wave Islet,” this island off the coast of Xiamen is only around two kilometers in area. Take a five minute ferry from Xiamen and you’ll immediately notice something different – there are no cars! A pedestrian island in every sense of the word, you can spend days just wandering the little lanes, admiring the famous architecture (it used to house many foreigners during the colonial period) and camping out on one of its many beaches. It is easy to see why it’s ranked number one on China’s list of “Top 10 Most Scenic Areas in Fujian Province.” In addition to beach bums, this Gulangyu Island is also a great place for music lovers, as it houses the only piano museum in China (with over 200 pianos) and an organ museum. Enjoy water sports, visit the bird sanctuary, or take a tram trip to the peak of the island’s mountain. You’ll feel utterly away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in an atmosphere that moves at a decidedly different pace than the rest of China.
4) Conch Gully, Sichuan Province
For those couples who like to do things – including their honeymoon – a little differently than others, Conch Gully (also called Hailuo Gou) Glacier Park is the place to go. Found on the eastern side of the Gonggar Mountains, the eleventh highest mountain in the world at 7,556 meters above sea level (and the highest mountain in Sichuan Province), this glacier park is the largest one in China. The park covers almost thirty one kilometers and is believed to have been formed over sixteen million years ago. Up here you’ll find things you’ve never seen before, like ice lakes, ice holes, ice cascades, and even ice “mushrooms.” The pure whiteness of your surroundings creates a quiet and pristine atmosphere which is perfect for a romantic getaway. There are also acres of untouched forest, where you’ll find natural hot springs (another romance booster!) and a variety of rarely seen plants like Chinese gooseberry and Gastonia tubers. This is the perfect honeymoon for nature lovers who want a little adventure thrown in with their love.

Lamma Island
5) Lamma Island, Hong Kong
A quiet, unassuming place, Lamma Island is just a short twenty minute ferry ride from the main Hong Kong Island. You’ll instantly be greeted by a slew of sea view restaurants lined with rows upon rows of tanks that are filled with various fish and other ocean critters. Besides enjoying the amazing views and seafood, this is the perfect place to paddle around in the water, stop at a local cafe for an al fresco cocktail, and enjoy the lush vegetation that surrounds you. The swimming beach is about a twenty-five minute walk from the ferry stop, but the journey to get there is half the fun! You’ll meander through overgrown trees and flowering plants, with butterflies and lizards darting in and out of your field of vision. The water is clean, the sand is smooth, and all sense of time seems to have utterly left this place. There are a handful of small hotels on the island, but many don’t have phone numbers or websites to make reservations. Don’t worry, though – most people who land on the island have no trouble finding an available room. And if for some reason the hotels are all booked up (trust me, it’s not going to happen), there are ads posted throughout the little village that advertise rooms for rent in various houses.
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