Xiao Dongtian
Originally known as Haishan marvelous sight scenic spot, Xiao Dongtian 小洞天 is characterized by its clear sea water, green mountains and pretty rocks. The scenery looks like a beautiful archaic landscape painting. Many ancient poets composed wonderful poems about the beautiful scenery found here.

With a total area is 22.5 square kilometers, Xiao Dongtian is located at Yazhou Bay, west of the Sanya and 40 kilometers from the seashores. Formerly called Ao Mountain Daxiao Dongtian, it has more than 800 years’ history since Zhou Kang and Mao Kui, the prefectures of the Song Dynasty, often came to pioneer here.

Who ever came here

1. Eminent monk Jian Zhen

Eminent monk Jian Zhen who went abroad before summons 35 persons including Rong Rui, Pu Zhao and his disciple Xiang Yan, Si Tuo to travel to Japan for the fifth time where they met the typhoon and drifted here. They then built the big temple, and spread the Buddhism culture. So, you have a chance to see "The Master Jian Zeng Rock" here.

2. Lady Weaver-Huangdaopo

During the period of Song and Yuan Dynasties, lady weaver, Huangdaopo made a round-trip to Yazhou bay. She spread the knowledge of advanced cotton planting, spinning the cotton and kapok technology to the south of Yellow River mainland, where it is well-known.

What to enjoy here

Along the Yazhou Bay visitors can appreciate sparkling and majestic seawater, lush groves in the Ao Mountain and groups of cliffs with exceptionally graceful shapes on the shore. It offers tourists sightseeing, holiday resorts, and sea entertainments, is definitely "A Celestial Land on Earth."

Main Attractions

Scenic spots in the area include: "Large and Small Celestial Peaches," "Celestial Toad Looking up towards the Moon," "Copulating Frogs," and "Ao Mountain with the Coco," "Stone Boat" and "An Old Celestial Man Lying on the Sea."

Rocks and trees

One of the most famous features of the park is its rock formations, caves and of course the nearly 30,000 precious Dragon Blood trees, many of which are about 2,000 years old. Actually, you may pass a tree that is over 6,000 years old!

All ancient writers and poets like to visit this place where there are many places of interest. In the tourist area, there are a lot of engravings of ancient poetry, such as "Celestial Platform," "Haishan Spectacle Landscape," "Celestial Feet," "Sword Testing Peak," "Xiao Dongtian," and more.

Colorful birds

Usually, many tourists enjoy strolling around the lower part, while it is a good choice to climb up the mountain where it is quite. Sitting and having a snack, it’s wonderful to enjoy tropical birds flitting around the trees. The birds are bright orange with dark blue heads, yellow and black, bright yellow and grey, and you even see a few large humming birds.

Getting there

Opening Hours: 8:30a.m. – 6:00p.m.


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