Following the rising popularity of Hokkaido, Japan among Chinese tourists, which was the filming location of romantic comedy "If You are the One," directed by Feng Xiaogang, south China’s Hainan Island, the location of the movie’s sequel, is drawing more and more attention from travel lovers.
1. Shimei Bay 石梅湾
Photo stills of ‘If You are the One 2
Of Hainan’s countless attractions, Shimei Bay is not quite known by most tourists. But its natural beauty is deeply loved by local residents.

Among the numerous picturesque bays in Wanning city on the eastern coastline of Hainan Island, Shimei Bay is one of them.

Shimei Bay is a bit off the beaten path. There are few man-made constructions, one exception being the Le Meridien Shimei Bay Beach Resort. Nestled on natural beaches, Shimei Bay has everything that city-dwellers could dream of – soft sands, an azure sea, dense forests, coconut trees and blue sky. At the relaxing bay, you can indulge yourself by sipping coconut juice under the sun without any distractions, while watching crabs crawling leisurely along the beach.

2. Sanya Tropic Paradise Forest Park 热带天堂森林公园
Photo stills of ‘If You are the One 2
Another location from the movie features the Tropic Paradise Forest Park on the famous Yalong Bay. It is known that 2 out of 3 locations were set here.

Flourishing tropical forest encircles the entire Yalong Bay. Pathways, stone steps, piers and pavilions are all sparsely concealed in the forest. The most interesting things may be the frame houses, or bird’s nests, which are built on top of the thick forest canopy. These houses are close to each other but still manage to keep their privacy.

In the movie, Xiaoxiao and Qinfen decided to conduct a trial marriage for some time by living together in the Eagle Room 3 at the Paradise Forest Park. It is learnt that at present, the setting of the house has been kept intact just like in the movie and that it is expected to emerge as a honeymoon suite in future.

3. Guojianglong Bridge 过江龙索桥
Photo stills of ‘If You are the One 2
Guojianglong Bridge in Sanya Tropical Paradise Forest Park

There is a rope bridge in the forest called Guojianglong Bridge. Connecting both ravines, the long bridge shakes from strong winds. Crossing it requires quite a lot of courage, so many couples named it "Love Bridge." If you are in Hainan, why not make a wish of love upon the bridge?

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