Wuzhizhou Island, Sanya
Centipede Island (in simplified Chinese 蜈支洲岛 Wuzhizhou Island) is located in the northern part of Sanya City, near to the Lingshui Bay. It is a very famous island in Sanya and of course, in Hainan.

Ths Centipede Island is very near to a highway connecting Sanya City and the Island, and therefore, traffic to this Island is very convenient. In fact, this Island is not a very raw one. Since the government made the decision to open up this Island for tourists, a lot of construction work had been done to improve the road of this Island, and there are a lot of things done to make this place a better condition for tourists to visit. Therefore, you do not need to worry that you are visiting a very raw, dangerous island.

On the Island, there are a lot of different species of plants. If you would like to see some plants which could hardly be found in other places in the world, you should try to visit this Island, because there are as many as 2000 species of plants! There is a kind of trees, commonly called the "Dragon Blood Tree". This kind of tree is very rare and people regard it as the "Panda in plants". What does that mean? As you might know, panda is an endangered animal in China, and it is specially possessed by China. Therefore, "Panda in plants" means that this tree is very rare and you could hardly find this kind of tree in other countries. If you love to see natural scenery, you should definitely visit this island.

Of course, I understand that you might not be pleased with just seeing trees in this island. Yes, there are a lot more beautiful things. You would be able to see a lot of beautiful flowers in this island, and also, there are a lot of mountains with special shapes. If you visit this island, you would surely be very happy and you would discover that the world nowadays is still having hope because there is still place which is preserved as nature.

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