In celebration of the magnificent diving experiences that Boundary Island has to offer to the international and domestic diving community, the 2017 Lingshui International Diving Festival will take place at Boundary Island from July 23rd to 25th.

Organizers of the three-day event are hoping to make it annual affair that brings together professional and amateur divers, photographers, and nature lovers.

There are many activities planned for the three-day festival, including an underwater photography exhibition, a forum on marine protection and sustainable development of diving tourism, a virtual arts exhibition, a diving equipment exhibition, a diving photo exhibition, an underwater cleanup effort, and more.

Boundary Island has amazing experiences to offer divers. The waters of the South China Sea off the island’s shores possess a variety of captivating deep sea wildlife. Divers can see a variety of colorful tropical fish there, and some rare and well-preserved coral reef species, thanks to preservation efforts on behalf of the local government and regional industry partners. Boundary Island not only has beautiful underwater views; it also features beautiful panoramic views around the island.

Boundary Island 分界洲岛
Telephone: 0898-3181 9999
Address: Niuling Exit of Haikou-Sanya East Line Highway, Hainan 海南省海口三亚东线高速公路牛岭出口