Hainan boasts more than 65 natural bays and 1,822 kilometers of shoreline. The whole province is an ideal breeding ground for many aquatic products.


Since most of the area is enclosed by the sea, Hainan has many harbors along the coast. This article provides an overview of the four major fishing ports on the island.


Xincun Port, Lingshui 陵水县新村港


If you’re a lover of super fresh seafood or just want to see how seafood is caught, here the friendly fishermen of Xincun Port will be happy to help you out.




At Xincun Port in Lingshui lies the largest community on the sea in Hainan. It is also the home of more than 600 red-roofed houses owned by the Dan People (known as the Chinese "gypsies on the sea").








At the Xincun Port, there are more than 600 rows of floating houses, around which are rows of net cages used for fishing and breeding. Xincun Port boasts a large variety of fish including horse mackerel and rabbit fish. It is also China’s largest fishing port for grouper cultivation. If you don’t want to go home and cook all this delicious seafood, then you can have fun just looking around the port and stopping for a bite at the small floating restaurant.


Yazhou Port, Sanya 三亚崖州中心渔港




The Yazhou Central Fishing Port is a new fishing port in Yazhou District, Sanya, serving as a logistics center that provides seafood to markets and restaurants around the city.





Large sea fish are sold in addition to squid, shellfish, and smaller fish. Adjacent to the Yazhou Port are various supporting facilities that store and process fish and produce ice blocks to be chipped and sold to dealers.


Tanmen Port, Qionghai 琼海市潭门港




Tanmen Port has the only natural deepwater bay in eastern Hainan. The port is now emerging as a major seafood destination with plenty of delicious options for foodies, gourmands, and anyone else who enjoys good seafood.






During the annual fishing season between August and February, Tanmen Port is bustling with fishing boats returning from ocean fishing expeditions, fully loaded with seafood products.




If you want to venture out on the open sea, fishing boats are available for trips. A trip on a fishing boat can not only provide a spectacular view of the sea, but also offer tourists a glimpse into the lives of fishermen.


Gangbei Port, Wanning 万宁市港北港



Gangbei Sea is China’s biggest lagoon. It covers an area of 50 square kilometers.




Gangbei Harbor has long been famous for its green seafood produce, and now the region is emerging as a major seafood destination.


In addition, Gangbei Port is known for its lively annual dragon boat festival celebration.