Harvest season for cherry tomatoes in Guangpo Township, Lingshui County, is when the tomatoes are at the peak of their juiciness, and their flavor and fragrance are their most intense. Visitors can gorge on cherry tomatoes at the annual 3rd Lingshui Cherry Tomato Culture Festival, which will be held from January 20th to late April, 2017 in Guangpo Town.




During the festival, visitors can tour the local orchards in Guangpo Town and enjoy cherry tomato picking. Local farmers will show visitors the best way to select and pick; cherry tomatoes are tastiest when they are medium sized and their surfaces are perfectly smooth.




The festival will also feature a cycling route for cherry tomato picking, a creative cherry tomato cooking contest, a food-tasting show, and lessons for children on growing cherry tomatoes at home.







After enjoying fruit-picking fun and tasting the fresh, juicy cherry tomatoes, visitors can buy other products at local farms and orchards, which produce cherry tomato jam, cherry tomato wine, and cherry tomato fillings for various cakes and pastries.




The cherry tomato industry is here not only to attract tourists. The industry also helps farmers increase their annual incomes. In recent years, local farmers and the government in Lingshui have worked to grow high-quality cherry tomatoes for visitors to pick and purchase. Growers try to make sure that farming practices are environmentally friendly and the fruit is top quality.




There are various ways to participate in fruit picking. One convenient option is to join a day tour organized by local travel agents. For those 

who prefer a bit more autonomy, the orchards also welcome walk-in tourists. Orchards sometimes collect an entrance fee, or sell by weight.


Visitors can also indulge in some sightseeing in the region. Nearby natural attractions include Boundary Island, Nanwan Monkey Island, Clearwater Bay, and Mt. Diaoluo.


Boundary Island

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Nanwan Monkey Island


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Diaoluo Mountain


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