Wanning is located on the southeast coast of Hainan Island. With a meandering coastline of 109 kilometers, the city, said to the third hottest tourist destination on the island after Sanya and Haikou, boasts everything from lush mountains and tropical forests to pristine sandy beaches and hot springs.










Below is a list the top ten things to do in Wanning – each one sure to delight visitors. Whether you go alone, with family, or with friends, you’re sure to have an awesome time in Wanning.


1. Climb Dongshan Ridge (东山岭)







The mountain area covers some 10 square kilometers and is 184 meters high at its peak. Picturesque scenery includes coral reefs, strange stones, and lush greenery. Many stones are carved with ancient calligraphy painted with red ink.


Dongshan Mountain is the birthplace of Hainan Buddhist culture, as well as a center of Southern Buddhism. The area is home to a number of temples, most of which were built during the Tang Dynasty, including the Chaoyin Temple, Dongling Temple and Zhenwu Temple.


2. Learn about plants in Xinglong Tropical Garden (兴隆热带花园)






Xinglong Tropical Garden covers an area of more than 6.7 square kilometers and has 4,000 kinds of plants. It’s the perfect place for visitors to enjoy nature, and is famous for its unique and abundant tropical plants.


After a tour in the garden, you can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea produced using the plants grown here. You can also learn how to make a cup of coffee using coffee beans at the garden.


3. Discover the gorgeous countryside at Wentong Village (文通村)





Wentong village is enriched with Li and Miao ethnic group styles and has its own ancient totem. Here, you can observe rural farmers’ daily lives, enjoy various tropical plants, fish at the lakeside, eat fresh vegetables and fruit, and even connect to Wi-Fi and use an app developed by the village to guide you on your trip.


4. Go surfing at Riyue Bay (日月湾)




Riyue Bay is the best bay for surfing in Southeast Asia. Wanning is a world-class surfing resort; no trip to Wanning is complete without a ride on the city’s waves.


5. Go fishing at Wuchang (乌场)




Blessed with extremely rich marine resources and beautiful surroundings, Wuchang is one of the best fishing spots in Wanning.


The Wuchang Fishing Club, located at the city’s port area, offers a range of boats for deep-sea fishing. The most common fish here include green wrasse, grouper, and parrotfish.


6. Get closer to natural beauty at Shimei Bay (石梅湾)





The bay features a fine sandy beach six kilometers long, and seawater near the shore boasts visibility of up to nine meters. Behind the beach along much of the site is an exotic 4,000-year-old evergreen forest stretching approximately 22 kilometers. It is the largest vatica mangachapoi forest reserve zone in the world.


Seafood lovers will adore the delicious and fresh seafood here. Like many other places in Hainan, Shimei Bay abounds with innumerable species of fish and crab.  


7. Enjoy snorkeling and diving at Jiajin Island (加井岛)




A 10-minute trip by speedboat from Shimei Bay yacht marina will take you to the splendor of this small islet, which covers an area of 15.5 hectares. It is a paradise for diving and snorkeling enthusiasts, as the shallow water area reaches 100 meters from the beach.   


The visibility of seawater here is up to 10 meters. Under the water surrounding the nearby island lives a rainbow of colorful coral, with marine life that includes abalones, oysters, groupers, and green wrasse.


8. Discover unspoiled natural splendor at Mt. Fenghuang (凤凰山)




Mt. Fenghuang is regarded as the best-preserved low-altitude tropical forest in China.


The mountain rainforest contains over 3,000 species of plants. Visitors who venture into the mountain area can discover an abundance of rocks formed 300 million years ago.


9. Take a leisurely holiday at Shenzhou Peninsula (神州半岛)




Shenzhou Peninsula is one of Wanning’s most prominent tropical destinations. The peninsula covers an area of 24 square kilometers and is

surrounded by five beautiful bays, namely, Dongwo Bay, Liaoqian Bay, Wozai Bay, Xiwo Bay, and Nanrong Bay.


10. Visit the rocky shoreline at Dahuajiao (大花角)





Dahuajiao is noteworthy for the magnificent scenery of its rocky shoreline. There are thousands of igneous rocks, naturally formed by

weathering and wave erosion, along with small beach coves and hilly terrain.