Hainan has received approval from the State Oceanic Administration to build two national ocean parks in Changjiang County and Wanning City.


As of 2015, 30 national ocean parks have been set up across the country, according to statistics from the State Oceanic Administration.


National Ocean Park


The national ocean park not only provides beautiful beach resorts for the public, but also promotes marine eco-environmental protection and helps to facilitate sustainable development of coastal tourism.


Hainan’s two national ocean parks


Hainan’s two national ocean parks will stretch along Hainan’s coastal areas, with one in Qizi Bay, Changjiang County, and the other in the Laoye Sea, Wanning City. They will be the first national ocean parks to be built in Hainan Province.


The ocean parks will be developed in a scientific way under the principles of scientific planning, unified management, and a protection-first philosophy with appropriate utilization.


National Ocean Park in Qizi Bay, Changjiang County

棋子湾国家级海洋公园, 昌江县








Qizi Bay National Ocean Park will be located on the west coastline of Changjiang County, and will cover an area of 6,021 hectares.


Qizi Bay is distinguished by its natural coastal scenery, offshore giant reefs, and beach stones shaped like Chinese chess pieces.


The national ocean park will aim to protect the west coast’s unique marine environment. Construction will rely on coastal tropical desert landscapes and Qizi Bay’s rocky coastline. The project will focus on the protection of historical heritage relic sites and the diversity of marine creatures in the region.


National Ocean Park in Laoye Sea, Wanning City

老爷海国家级海洋公园, 万宁市








Laoye Sea National Ocean Park, which is set to cover an area of 1,121 hectares, will be located in the southeast of Wanning City.


The Laoye Sea, which stretches a length of 26 kilometers, is a natural breeding zone for a variety of tropical aquaculture species.  Laoye Sea Port has long been famous for its green seafood produce. Wanning’s most famous seafood offerings, including Hele Crab, Gangbei Shrimp, and Hou’an Mullet come from the Laoye Sea.


Development of the ocean park will combine lagoon ecological protection with the integrated exploration of tourism and marine resources in the Laoye Sea and Shenzhou Peninsula.