An international diving festival was held in Lingshui early this month. The festival hosted diving enthusiasts from China and beyond, who together explored the deep cool blue waters of majestic Boundary Island.

The aim of the two-day festival was to showcase Lingshui’s abundant diving resources, encourage coral reef protection, and develop environmentally responsible diving practices in Hainan so that divers will be able to enjoy the beauty of Hainan’s oceans for generations to come.

There were several interesting events at the Lingshui Diving Festival, including a diving photo exhibition, a diving photo competition, and a diving treasure hunt.


Some 30 divers had the chance to visit unspoiled reefs around the waters of Boundary Island, where they might not have previously dived. While many participants were drawn to the area for its unique aquatic experience, they also received valuable insights into how to help preserving the regional rich coral reef ecosystem.


Boundary Island 分界洲岛 – An abundance of tropical plant and ocean life

Boundary Island’s clear blue sea is ideal for scuba diving and snorkeling, and the island offers some unique diving experiences that make diving here some of the most interesting in Hainan.
Under the waves, Boundary Island has amazing experiences to offer. The waters off the island possess a variety of captivating deep sea wildlife in the South China Sea; divers can swim with schools of brilliantly colored exotic fish. The island has many wonderful diving sites boasting spectacular coral formations, and reefs teeming with tropical sea life. Licensed dive instructors are available to guide you through the techniques and introduce a wide range of excellent dive locations around the island’s coastline.

There are dive operators on the island who are dedicated to ensuring an exceptional diving experience. The resort’s dive operators offer a range of courses from beginners’ lessons up to more advanced certifications.


Located on the southeastern coast of Hainan, about 70 km from Sanya as the crow flies, Lingshui enjoys comfortable temperature all year round with a yearly average temperature of 25.4 degrees Celsius.
Along Lingshui’s 57.5-km-long coastline there are three major bays, namely Tufu Bay, Qingshui Bay (known as the “Singing Beach) and Xiangshui Bay (known as the “Dancing Beach”).
Praised as the “Pearl Coast,” Lingshui also enjoys gorgeously clean seawater, with the highest water visibility of up to 27 meters.