Even when temperatures are soaring throughout Hainan Island, there are still some places that are cool and pleasant. One such place is E’Xian Ridge (俄贤岭) in Dongfang City (东方市), an ideal destination for escaping the summer heat and appreciating nature.

E’Xian Ridge is located on the northeast bank of the Changhua River in Guangba Town, Dongfang City, 60 kilometers from Basuo Town. It was recognized as a tourism scenic reserve by the Hainan People’s government in 1988.

E’Xian Ridge stretches from northwest to southeast, winding upward like a giant dragon ascending the sky. Its main peak stands at 1,230 meters. 

The ridge is unique for its karst landform shape and because it is rich in natural resources. It is home to a wide variety of flora and more than 256 kinds of animals and birds, creating a natural ecological botanical garden and "safari park."
Dramatic land forms, rivers, green trees, beautiful flowers, and blue skies create a natural work of art that stretches across the ridge’s 44.93 square kilometers.
Another noteworthy attraction at the E’xian Ridge area is E’Xian Cave on the northeast side of the main peak. The cave is a unique karst cave shaped by tens of thousands of years of dissolution of layers of soluble limestone bedrock.
The cave is incredibly deep. Visitors can appreciate a selection of stalagmites in various shapes and sizes inside, and just outside the cave is an exquisite tropical view of old trees. The cave is double-layered, with six cave halls in different sizes upstairs and galleries of different widths downstairs.
A common way to explore E’Xian Ridge is by taking boat rides in pairs or in groups. The boat rides are preferable to walking, since they allow for passage through the narrow channels between rocks and promote a better view of the calm lakes along the way.

The maze of water and rock wonders is open to visitors year-round, but the surrounding colors are more vivid in the summertime.