Hainan is the biggest mango production center in China. The mango farms are at every corner on the Hainan island. Changjiang is a beautiful place in northwest Hainan. The county offers a scenic environment of rolling hills, green fields, and beautiful rivers. It abounds in kapoks and mangoes. When summer comes, visitors can head to Changjiang’s outskirts for some mango picking and eating a juicy mango fresh off a tree.
Starting from May, the mango products in Changjiang County, Hainan are in great demand. Changjiang attracts a lot of tourists to pick fresh mangoes right off the trees that are covered in bright yellow-green ripe mangoes.
To enjoy them fresh from the twig however, head over to Qicha Township(七叉镇), Shilu Township (石碌镇) and Shiyuetian Township (十月田镇) outside the Changjiang County where you’ll be greeted by an overwhelming number of mango orchards for pickers to enjoy.
The orchard itself is a sight to behold. With rows and rows of heavily laden mango trees, it is a fruit lover’s delight. The air is thick with the heady scent of juicy, ripe mangoes that hang invitingly from trees that abound in the orchards. As you walk through the expanse you are bound to spot more than a few ripe mangoes fallen on the ground.
Visitors can not only pick their own fresh mangoes at some local mango orchards, but can also visit hundred-year-old mango trees, check out and experience the mango processing procedures.
The annual mango season in Changjiang offers a great opportunity to get out of the cities and into the fresh air. Changjiang is a place of unspoiled beauty.
Visitors can also take the chance to explore the surrounding sites such as the amazing Qizi Bay, the Changhua River and the Emperor Cave.
Qizi Bay

Changhua River
Emperor Cave
Bawang Ridge