Qiongzhong Li and Miao Autonomous County is located in the central hinterlands of Hainan Island. There are a handful of Chinese expressions often used to describe the area’s reputation in Hainan Province, including “headstream of the three rivers,” “forest kingdom,” "home of green oranges,” and “homeland of the Li and Miao ethnic groups.”
Qiongzhong has the highest forest coverage rate in Hainan, 84 percent, making it Hainan’s core ecological area. It is sometimes referred to as "Hainan’s Green Lung.”
Qiongzhong possesses large expanses of virgin rainforest, a laid-back rural environment, the ancient cultures of the Li and Miao ethnic groups, the humble and hospitable Li and Miao people, a favorable geographical location, and a unique traditional cultural community. More and more people are drawn to Qiongzhong every year for its charm and beauty.   
We have gathered up a few of the top activities in Qiongzhong that will leave you delighted. Whether you go alone, with your family or with your friends, you will enjoy a fun day there.


Get a refreshing experience at Yapo Village鸭坡村




Located in Wanling Town, Yapo Village is a typical example of the transformation of Hainan’s rural areas from poverty to prosperity.










For visitors, the village has plenty to offer: leisure, sightseeing, viewing flowers, tasting seasonal fruits and rustic food, and the chance to experience farm work.






For those who enjoy the outdoors and looking for organic life, there are some orchards in the village where you can pick fresh green oranges, a type of orange that is known for its juicy meat and rich nutrients during the months of October and December.


Have a fun day at Egret Lake 白鹭湖度假区













Located in Wanling Town, Egret Lake Holiday Resort Area covers an area of 432,900 square meters. It is the largest rural leisure scenic spot in central Hainan.


The resort consists of two natural ecological parks, namely, Egret Lake Park and Forest Hot Spring Park. Naturalists and holidaymakers of all ages will be delighted by the views in the area, as this resort is an important nesting ground for thousands of egrets, a long-necked long-legged wading bird related to the white heron.


Go for a hike at Baihua Ridge百花岭




Situated 6 kilometers southeast of Yinggen Town (营根镇), Qiongzhong County, Baihua Ridge is a natural greenhouse and one of the best preserved tropical forests in Hainan.


The tallest peak of Baihua Ridge is 1,100 meters above sea level. As one of the most significant ecological and scenic spots in central Hainan, the mountain rainforest is home to over 4,000 kinds of plants and 500 kinds of wild animals including macaques, pangolins, wild boars, weasels, and pythons.