Those who have seen one of Dongfang’s magical sunsets know that it’s an experience not to be missed. At sunset in Dongfang, the seaside and the natural scenery turn a brilliant and beautiful gold color. There are dozens of places to enjoy the masterpiece of the sun, including the beaches of the romantic Windmill Coast and the stunning high points at Yulinzhou. Below is a list of the best places for watching the sunset in Dongfang.
Windmill Coast 风车海岸
Sunset-watchers are usually well rewarded at the Windmill Coast, where a dozen big windmills sit offshore and add a wisp of romantic color to the sunset, enhanced by the sight of birds in flight and the quiet tropical greenery all around.
Yulinzhou 鱼鳞洲
Yulinzhou is one of Dongfang’s most famous sights. Late afternoon is without a doubt the best time to sit back and enjoy the sunset.
Sitting on the rocks looking at fishing boats in the distance, watching the final golden rays of the sun sinking below the horizon, and reflecting upon the wonders one has seen throughout the day – it’s the perfect place to create an indelible memory to last a lifetime.
Daguang Reservoir 大广坝
The sunset at the Daguangba Reservoir is stunning, especially when one views it from a high place. Visitors can walk on the banks and admire the spectacular sunsets over the vast expanse of the Changhua River.
Basuo Port 八所港
Basuo Port is a divine place to watch the sunset, especially during the months of calmer seas from November through April, when fishing boats moor in the port.