Located in the southwest of Hainan Province, Dongfang City is blessed with several advantages over many other locations in China: the area is rich in oil and gas in the nearby sea, it features a favorable geographical location, has convenient transportation, and many other positive attributes.
Leisure areas such as Datian Eld’s Deer Reserve, Daguang Reservior, the Sibi Bay Mangrove Wetland, and E’Xian Ridge have conferred Dong Fang with many unique and rich tourism resources.
Daguangba Reservoir 大广坝
Located 35 km east of Dongfang City, Daguang Reservior is a multi-purpose Reservoir on the Changhua River.
The scenery at the Daguangba Reservoir is stunning. When visitors arrive at the reservoir, and look over the lake from the high observation platform, the vast expanse of water brings people the feeling of awe and wonderful that only beautiful natural scenery can inspire.
Datian Deer Nature Preserve大田坡鹿自然保护区
Hainan Eld’s Deer is listed as a Grade I animal by the Chinese government for its value in scientific and medical research. The deer have very sensitive vision, smell and hearing abilities. They are also good at jumping; the animals can leap over a five-meter-wide gully. Hainan Eld’s Deer like to walk around during sunrise or sunset, which is also a perfect time for visitors to watch them.
Sibi Bay Mangrove Wetland 四必湾红树林
Located at the north of Dongfang City, Sibi Bay Mangrove Wetland is called a “heaven for birds.”
During winter, the best season for bird watching in the mangrove wetland, a flock of birds turn the area into a veritable avian kingdom. Because of the nourishment the mangroves provide to the swamp, marine animals prefer to spawn and raise their offspring here.
E’Xian Ridge 俄贤岭
E’Xian Ridge is located on the northeast bank of the Changhua River in Guangba Town, Dongfang City, 60 kilometers from Basuo Town.
E’Xian Ridge stretches from northwest to southeast, like a giant dragon winding into the sky. In addition to the green trees and beautiful flowers on the ridge, there is also a strange cave named E’Xian Cave, which is fantastically deep.