Chinese New Year, the most important holiday of the year in China, is just around the corner. Although the Chinese Spring Festival is an occasion for family reunions, it is also one of the most popular seasons for travel and sightseeing. If you’re hoping to enjoy scenic tropical vistas away from the crowds over the long holiday, Xinglong Tropical Garden in Wanning, Hainan is a good choice for you.
Located in Xinglong town, about one and a half hour’s drive from Sanya, Xinglong Tropical Garden features an impressive array of beautiful and exotic plant species. Flowers and herbs grow throughout the season in the garden, filling the air with a sweet, intoxicating smell.
Visitors can spend a whole day at this gorgeous tropical garden of more than 5,800 acres, where over 4,000 kinds of exotic plants grow. Some of the flowers that can be spotted here include heliconia rostrata, coralplant, red powderpuff, bougainvillea, heaven bird, and red ginger lily. The garden also contains a variety of tree species such as coffee, pepper, cacao, and dragon trees.
In addition, a variety of orchid species from abroad have been introduced at the garden, including some rare ones. These orchids look even more beautiful in their natural environment. The orchid plantation at the garden covers nearly 200 acres and features more than 80 types of orchids.
As a tropical rain forest ecological environment reserve in Wanning, Xinglong Tropical Garden is perfect for eco-tourists, botanists, and romantics alike, as there are plenty of flower-related activities to indulge in!
In the garden, visitors can sit in front of the modern and cozy bower (a tea-house-like resting area) and enjoy the delicate relationship between human beings and nature. Teahouses, winding paths, and sequestered valleys are also scattered throughout the garden for visitors’ enjoyment and relaxation.