When most people think of cherry blossoms, Japan and Wuhan may be the first two places that come to mind. In fact, one doesn’t have to travel so far to enjoy the beautiful and romantic sights of these delicate flowers, as there are several places in Qionghai City of Hainan Province where one can view them with friends and families.


At the Dashun Farm, Tayang Town has planted more than 2,000 cherry trees of different varieties. When the cherry blossoms are in full bloom every spring, visitors from all over the island come to this place to see the spectacular displays.






These cherry trees, a kind of tropical sakura, have been imported by the farm owner from Thailand and planted on hills, by rocks, and beside houses, giving visitors the impression that they’ve just wandered into some dreamy Japanese scene.






Unlike the Japanese cherry blossoms, which stay in full bloom for only about a week, these tropical blossoms on the trees in Qionghai are quite long, and last about two months.






The best time to view the cherry blossoms in Qionghai is from late February to early April. Coming at the right time is quite important. It’s best to visit in the early morning to avoid the crowds.



The cherry farm area, which is surrounded by greenery, is also an ideal place for spring outings, with routes designed for appreciating cherry blossoms. Camping in cherry blossom woods is a must-try experience when visiting the farm.


Traffic: Take Bus No.1 from Qionghai downtown to Tayang Town (塔洋镇). Then take the three-wheeled motorcycle to Dashun Farm (大顺农场); or hire a taxi to reach the destination.