Anyone traveling to Hainan in the springtime is sure to experience one of the more exceptional natural events in the seasonal calendar. Kapok flower viewing is the annual practice of enjoying blooming flowers after the cold weather subsides.
The Kapok Trees Scenic Spot along the Changhua River is considered the best place to enjoy the blazing kapok flowers scattered over the region in spring. 
When kapok flowers reach their peak, usually from early February to March, photographers, sightseers, and writers traverse along the scenic location to enjoy the views.
In recent years, the Changjiang Government has attached great importance to tourism infrastructure development at the Kapok Trees Scenic Spot. Four boardwalks stretching a total length of 2,000 kilometers, five tourism toilets, a marina for kapok flower cruise sightseeing, three observation decks to enjoy the blossoming kapok flowers, and three ecological parking lots have been built at the scenic spot. 
To improve tourist handling capacity, a number of fine hotels and resorts including the Hainan Yinwan MGM Garden Hotel are available in the region.
Transport options have also improved. There are 20 taxis running between Qizi Bay Station of Hainan Western Ring Railway and scenic spot and four bus routes have been opened in order to make it convenient for visitors to tour the Kapok Trees Scenic Spot.