Hainan has been endowed with some of the most spectacular tourist attractions in the world. The province is dotted with beautiful locations that mesmerize more and more travelers every year—especially the tropical island’s many natural lakes and man-made reservoirs.

Yunyue Lake, Danzhou 儋州云月湖






Located in southwestern Danzhou, Yunyue Lake is surrounded by dense rubber tree forests and other evergreens, making the area charming and romantic. For accommodations, check out the newly built property on the bank of the lake. Wake early to watch the sun rise while floating unhurriedly on a raft surrounded by fog.


Wanquan Lake, Qionghai 琼海万泉湖





Wanquan Lake lies in the Niululing Reservoir area of the upstream section of the Wanquan River. The spot is accessible only by boat. It is a good idea to hire a local to help you get across the lake. The river, running down between two mountains and thick jungle on either side, is broken up by many waterfalls and lagoons. The water is cool and offers a great escape from the hot sunshine.


Xiaomei Lake, Lingshui 陵水小妹湖




Xiaomei Lake is located in the Diaoluo Mountains in Lingshui County, and is the largest man-made lake in the region. The lake occupies an area of 750 acres. Surrounded by mountains, the scenic area boasts beautiful waters and uniquely shaped peninsulas.


Muse Lake, Tunchang 屯昌木色湖






Situated in Fengmu Town and covering an area of 28 square kilometers, this location actually consists of two lakes—Muse Lake and Leigongtan Lake—with a magnificent waterfall between them.


Nanli Lake, Ding’an 定安南丽湖




Nanli Lake Scenic Area is one of the famous artificial freshwater lakes in Hainan, and among the first group of scenic areas at the provincial level.


Boating on the lake, one begins to think that one is floating through a water world with hundreds of islands, and the scenery around the lake looks almost painted in its natural beauty.


As a scenic site, Nanli Lake offers wonderful accommodations, catering and entertainment. More important is that the facilities here are ample, including a golf course, excellent hotels, restaurants, villas, and some facilities for entertainment on the water.


Tianjie Lake, Baisha 白沙天界神湖


Located in the Hongkan Waterfall Scenic Area, Tianjie Lake enjoys a mild climate with abundant rainfall. When looking into the distance from a high place, one can enjoy a photographic view of the surrounding evergreen mountains, clear and glittering waters, and untouched grasslands.