With the high-speed bullet train running daily between Sanya and Wanning, it has become easier to reach the city for a weekend escape from the hustle and bustle of Sanya.
Wanning, said to be Hainan’s third biggest tourist destination, boasts beautiful landscaping, a flourishing culture, and tasty food. Indeed, two days might not be enough to fully explore the city, but it’s enough to give you a quick glance – and maybe even make you fall in love with the place!
Gangbei Sea 港北小海
Gangbei Sea is China’s biggest lagoon, covering an area of 50 square kilometers.
Gangbei Harbor has long been famous for its green seafood produce, and now the region is emerging as a major seafood destination with plenty of delicious options for foodies, gourmands and anyone else who enjoys good seafood.
In addition, Gangbei Port has been known for its lively annual dragon boat festival celebration.
Zhuyong Village 竹涌村
Zhuyong Village, located in the Beida Town of Wanning city, is well known for its bamboo forest and beautiful views.
The whole village features a unique bamboo culture. There are arrays of farmhouses, restaurants and public toilets built with bamboo. Paths are surrounded by these dense trees. Visitors enjoy exploring the area’s virgin woodlands.
No visit to Zhuyong is complete without tasting the bamboo dishes in a local restaurant. Nearly everything includes bamboo; classic dishes in town include bamboo duck soup and dried bamboo shoots.
Zhuyong is the perfect place to get some fresh air and gaze out over the beautiful landscape. The village has been described as a “must-see rural destination” in Wanning.
Wentong Village 文通村
Wentong village is enriched with Li and Miao ethnic group styles and has its own ancient totem. Here, you can observe rural farmers’ daily lives, enjoy various tropical plants, fish at the lakeside, eat fresh vegetables and fruits, and even connect to Wi-Fi and use an app developed by the village to automatically guide you on your trip.
Getting a day off from the bustling city and spending a day here will help you relax and refresh. Villagers here are very enthusiastic and friendly.
Xinglong Tropical Garden 兴隆热带花园
Xinglong Tropical Garden can be a good place to get in touch with the exotic. The garden contains more than 1,200 plant species such as coffee, pepper, cocoa, and dragon trees.
A variety of orchid species from abroad have been introduced at the garden, including some rare ones. Currently, the orchid plantation at the garden covers nearly 200 acres and features more than 1,000 types of orchids.
Bougainvillea Park 三角梅主题公园
Bougainvillea Park, at the entrance of Xinglong Tropical Garden in Wanning, covers an area of about 600 square meters, and contains nearly 40 species of bougainvilleas, the provincial flower of Hainan.
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