Hainan’s beautiful surroundings include more than simply ocean views; the city is also home to some historic and lovely lighthouses.
Historically, lighthouses were designed to facilitate better marine navigation for sailors.
Nowadays, lighthouses serve more as beacons and landmarks of history. Some lighthouses are tourist attractions because of their history or their magnificent architecture. All lighthouses offer breathtaking views of their surrounding coastal landscape.
If you plan on visiting Hainan anytime soon, or if you live in Hainan but haven’t visited these icons of early Hainan history, here are a few beautiful lighthouses that dot the coasts, all of them excellent for viewing and photographing.
Lingao Lighthouse, Lingao 临高灯塔
The Lingao Lighthouse was built by the French in 1894 during the Qing Dynasty. The beacon, which was recognized by the International Association of Lighthouse Authorities (IALA) in May 1997 on a world list of 100 historical lighthouses, is the oldest lighthouse in Hainan.
The Lingao Lighthouse, with a height of 22 meters, is a long-standing international navigational point on the coast of northwestern Hainan.
Mulantou Lighthouse, Wenchang 文昌木兰灯塔
The Mulantou Lighthouse is located at Hainan Cape in Puqian Town of Wenchang City, the northeastern tip of the province. The lighthouse marks the south side of the entrance of the Qiongzhou Strait.
Built in 1995, this active lighthouse has a focal plane of 289 feet (88 m). It emits two white flashes every 15 seconds. The building is 74.2 meters tall.
The structure consists of a round cylindrical concrete structure rising from a two-story circular base. It has a large, circular observation room. The building is white in color with red trim.
Bo’ao Lighthouse, Qionghai 琼海博鳌灯塔
The Bo’ao Lighthouse was erected in 2011 and stands at an amazing 75.5 meters. The Bo’ao Lighthouse is a popular attraction in the region, where visitors can enjoy great views from atop the lighthouse.
Yulinzhou Lighthouse, Dongfang 东方鱼鳞洲灯塔
Located atop a huge rock rising from the beach at the westernmost point of Hainan, just west of Basuo Port, Dongfang City, the Yulinzhou Lighthouse is a landmark of Dongfang City.
The Lighthouse overlooks the sea channel to Beibu Gulf, providing a navigational aid to ships passing through the channel.
Jinmujiao Lighthouse, Sanya 三亚锦母角灯塔
Jinmujiao is the landmass at the southernmost point of China. It was called Cape Rhinoceros by early Western navigators, presumably because the great rock at the tip of the point resembles a rhino’s horn from a distance. A lighthouse is situated upon it. In 1996, the Chinese government announced that Jinmu Cape was to be considered one of China’s maritime baselines.

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