With over 1,823 kilometers of shoreline, Hainan is home to some of the most beautiful beaches and coastal scenery in Asia. Along its seemingly endless white sandy beaches and pristine coastline are several breathtaking bays. Many of Hainan Island’s most popular beaches can be explored along the eastern shores.
But for travelers eager to explore the less popular but also truly beautiful western region, there are plenty of fantastic beaches with spectacular views to discover. Here are some of our recommendations in western Hainan. 
Lingao Cape, Lingao 临高角
Located on the northern coast of Lingao County, the Lingao Cape features a one-kilometer beach and 250-meter natural rock embankment that juts out into the sea to divide the waters into an area of calm and an area of tidal turbulence. The coastline is great for walking along and there are several lighthouses and ancient signalling towers here. Cape Lingao is also ideal for sunbathing, swimming and beachcombing. 
Eman Volcanic Coast, Danzhou 儋州峨蔓火山海岸
Located at Eman Town of Danzhou City, the Eman Volcanic Coast is where most of Hainan’s interesting volcanic formations are located. The bizarre rocks, sea cliffs and pillar-shaped structures along the whinstone coast cliffs, combined with strong waves, offer spectacular scenery. 
Qizi Bay, Changjiang 昌江棋子湾
Located 50 kilometers west of Changjiang County, Qizi Bay has a wonderfully mild climate all year round, making it an ideal vacation spot along Hainan’s western coast. The S-shaped bay extends for 20 kilometers from east to west. The name Qizi Bay comes from the many oddly shaped stones and reefs scattered along the shores. These stones are reminiscent of Chinese chess stones. Qizi Bay is noteworthy for the magnificent scenery of its rocky coastline. The snow-white beach here also makes it an ideal place for sun and sand baths.
Windmill Coast, Dongfang 东方风车海岸
The scenic spot is located in the Basuo Town of Dongfang City. When coming into the harbor of Basuo Town, a dozen big windmills and a power plant can be seen in the distance. The wild beauty of the beach and the traditional windmills make for a very impressive landscape.

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