Featuring tropical monsoon and oceanic climate, Hainan Island is warm all year round. This makes it the best choice for a nice escape from China’s Mainland chilly winter season! 
Everything you’re looking for in a tropical seaside holiday spot can be found on the island: clear skies, light shades of blue sea, fine white sandy beaches, various tropical plants creeping around the seaside and, last but not least, a relaxing get away where all you’re surrounded by is nature in its purest form.
As nice as it is to wrap up in scarves, coats, warm socks and watch the night’s draw in we can’t deny that’s it’s quite tempting to escape to such a place which embodies warmth in every aspect.
We have gathered up a few of the top activities in Hainan that will leave you delighted this winter. Whether you go alone, with your family or with your friends, you will have an unforgettable experience.
1. Green orange picking, Qiongzhong County
Green orange is a type of orange that is known for its juicy meat and rich nutrients. It is one of the healthiest winter fruits. Qiongzhong County is the most famous place for growing the green oranges. Its harvest season is now, typically between the months of October and December.
To enjoy them fresh from the twig, head over to Yapo Village (鸭坡村) and Zhonglang Village (中朗村) where you’ll be greeted by an overwhelming number of green orange orchards for visitors to enjoy. The pick-your-own orchards have hundreds of green orange trees and provide tools and training in fruit picking techniques.
2. Hotspring Holiday Tour, Baoting County
As Mainland China is currently experiencing winter weather, Baoting’s numerous mineral-rich hot springs welcome family and couple trippers alike into cozy and relaxing retreats.
If you’re looking for a weekend getaway, there are a number of hot springs-themed hotels in the region, such as Doubletree Resort by Hilton and Narada that ensure a close encounter with nature while staying nice and warm.
3. Wuzhishan Grand Canyon River Rafting, Wuzhishan County
How fantastic would it be to raft through Hainan’s rainforest? When you know where to go, nothing can hold you back: Wuzhishan Grand Canyon is definitly the place to be.
One of the most demanding and exciting river rafting routes will take you through 6km of the meandering river, sometimes with drops as high as four meters.
A more leisurely alternative route takes you through 4km of calmer water and allows you to observe typical villages and plantations along the way.
This ‘canyon drift’ follows the course of the river that strolls through the rainforest valleys around Wuzhishan. The route takes about two hours.

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