With 278.5 kilometers of shoreline, Wenchang is home to some of the most beautiful beaches and coastal scenery in Hainan. Along its seemingly endless white beaches and pristine coastline are some of Wenchang’s most beautiful bays.
These inlets of land boast calm waters and stunning scenery. Some of them lie near protected coral reefs and luxury resorts, and some are gloriously devoid of development. Below are some of the most beautiful bays along Wenchang’s shores.
Mulan Bay 木兰湾
Located northeast of Wenchang City, Mulan Bay is quiet and surrounded by nature and the shimmering sea dotted with huge and rugged reefs. Here visitors can see the Mulantou Lighthouse, the tallest in China and the eighth tallest lighthouse in the world.
Qishui Bay 淇水湾
This bay is the newest tourism hotspot in northern Hainan. The Hilton Wenchang, the city’s first internationally-branded Hotel, is located at the scenic beachfront Qishui Bay, where tourists can explore the sandy white beaches and the dive sites that showcase spectacular coral reefs.
Xiao’Ao Bay 小澳湾
Located at the Buddha’s Light of Tongtu in Longlong Town, Xiao’Ao Bay is one of the most prominent beaches preserving the last unspoiled and undeveloped habitat in Wenchang. The beach is full of various shapes of rocks.
 Da’ao Bay 大澳湾
Da’ao Bay is located at the foot of Tonggu Ridge. The vista at Da’ao Bay is spectacular. The white sands are not its only attraction; the clear blue waters and the verdant rolling hills are spectacular.
Yunlong Bay 云龙湾
Yunlong Bay, at the mouth of Wenchang City, is a semi-desolate area that guarantees privacy and tranquility away from the expected tourist zones.
The area is home to a fishing group of people living in an idyllic environment adequate for diving and other marine activities. The best thing about going underwater at Yunlong Bay is the absence of traffic above and under the sea, plus close interaction with the locals.

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