Dazhou Island is 15 kilometers away from Wanning City, which is made up of two smaller islands and three peaks, the highest of which is 289.3 meters high. 
Compared with developed resort zones, Dazhou Island is still virgin, pristine land.
Being an ideal place to soak up the sun and relax, the unique and relaxed ambience that dominates Dazhou Island is serene. The Island is surrounded by amazing tropical scenery with a seemingly endless sea view.
1. Dazhou Island, covering an area of 4.36 square kilometers, is the largest offshore island in Hainan Province.
2. The island boasts crystal clear waters with a maximum visible depth of 10 meters.
The island has a wide array of marine life like squid, tuna, swordfish, yellowtail fish, octopus, lobster, abalone, seahorse, sea urchins and extensive coral reefs to explore.
3. It is China’s only production base for bird’s nest, a Chinese delicacy known for its health benefits.
The islands are composed of mainly rain forests and rocky terrain. This group of two islands is home to more than one hundred individual flocks of swifts. These swifts, the only colonies in China, nest in caves. The nests are gathered for bird’s nest soup.
Here is a list of fun things to do on the island:
Beach camping
A beach camping trip on Dazhou Island is a great excursion for those who are looking for something out of the ordinary. Outdoor enthusiasts are sure to enjoy camping here because there is a wealth of things to explore that are all within walking distance, such as small sand rock climbing.
Diving adventure
The visibility of seawater here is up to 10 meters deep. The tropical marine zone surrounding the island means snorkelers and divers are treated to colorful fish, conches, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, and plumes of coral.
Go fishing
Anglers here can catch, among many other fish, green wrasse, grouper and humphead wrasse.
Sunrise/sunset watching
Dazhou Island is one of Hainan’s best choices for watching the sunrise and sunset.

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